McDonald's has Squishmallows Happy Meals.

Parents Are Running To McDonald's To Get The New Squishmallow Happy Meal Toys

There will be 12 adorable Squishmallows to collect, including one surprise character.

McDonald’s could well be on its way to taking over the title of the newest Happiest Place on Earth, and it’s all down to all of the fabulous and creative Happy Meals the chain has been putting out. The most recent addition to the beloved tradition of getting all of your food plus a toy in a cute little box? None other than a partnership with the wildly popular Squishmallows.

As pretty much all parents know, Squishmallows have become some of the most collectible toys to hit the market in recent years. The adorable stuffed toys, which first debuted back in 2017, are known for being extra squishable like marshmallows, hence the name. They also come in a massive variety of collectible characters including bears, cats, lions, unicorns, and more. And as of Dec. 26, kids’ Happy Meals at McDonald’s will come with their own miniature Squishmallows in a variety of super cute characters while supplies last.

There will be 12 Squishmallows to collect in your Happy Meal, including some classic Squishmallow favorites like Cam the Cat and Fifi, as well as some new Squishmallows based on beloved McDonaldland characters like Grimace and a very adorable Hamburglar. Some are already being resold on eBay. There’s even one mystery Squishmallow that has yet to be announced, so you know we’ll be going back again and again to see if we get it.

As if this wasn’t exciting enough, the Squishmallows Happy Meals come with a unique playlist, which has never happened with a Happy Meal before. There will be a special QR code on the Happy Meal box to access each Squish’s playlist and unlock information about their individual personalities. Needless to say, fans, young and not so young, are pumped for the latest Happy Meal toy. And they need them right away.

Some fans are wondering if this need for a Squishmallows Happy Meal is a little bit of a Beanie Babies déjà vu situation.

All of that excitement led to disappointment for some parents, however, when they rushed to McDonald’s for their Squishmallows Happy Meals only to discover... no Squishmallows.

McDonald’s promptly responded to those tweets, so hopefully they’ve worked out the kinks and Squishmallows will make it into your next Happy Meal.

These Squishmallows Happy Meals aren’t the only ones getting McDonald’s fans excited these days. There are also the new adult Happy Meals, which are back for the second year in a row featuring special toys for adults alongside their Big Mac or 10 nugget meal. Everybody deserves a little treat.