Bandit stands next to a wheelbarrow, facing Bingo and Bluey on a pile of dirt in a sunny landscape.

The Best Outdoor Bluey Games For Some Fun In The Sun — & Maybe A Little Dirt

Did somebody say “Shadowlands?”

We’ve all established at this point that we love Bluey’s house (thank goodness the Heelers decided to remain in it!) but let us not forget the fabulous outdoor space and all the possibilities it holds. The show is all about play in general, but there’s certainly an emphasis put on outside games in some cases, so we’ve gathered our favorite outdoor games from Bluey that you might want to try with your own kiddos.

There’s certainly no dearth of episodes to draw on for a list like this. Sure, most of the games she and her sister Bingo play take place in their house, but there’s plenty of outdoor spaces the Heelers love, from the creek to the playground, the beach to the sweeping lawn of Glasshouse Primary School, and lots of other beautiful natural settings. While many of these games could just as easily be played inside as outside, we specifically wanted to go for games that are more fun when played outside, or have particular “outside-y” elements that can’t really be replicated indoors.

From imaginative play to running around with a purpose, there’s all kinds of fun ways to play outdoors, whether you’re a cartoon dog or a human child with energy to burn...

“Shadowlands” | Season 1, Episode 5


How To Play: Go outside in a shady, but not completely overcast area. See if you and your kiddos can keep in the shady part of your yard/park/etc. as you run around. In places where you see a sunny spot in between shadows, jump or create a larger shadow in order to pass. The game ends when you’re tired of it, but don’t shy away from a challenge!

In this early episode, Bluey, Snickers, and Coco are having a playdate. While their mums chat on a picnic blanket, the kids play “shadowlands,” where they have to remain in the various shadows of the playground, jumping over patches of sunlight to remain “safe.” In places where the gap between shadows becomes too large, the kids have to get creative in creating larger shadows to make the passage possible.

Coco, who is a bit more averse to a challenge, keeps trying to bend the rules to make the game easier, much to Bluey’s annoyance. Finally, everyone learns that sometimes the rules are what make a game fun.

“Dance Mode” | Season 2, Episode 3


How To Play: While out and about — maybe at the grocery store, at the park, running errands, or just having a family day out of the house — allow your kid a set number of “Dance Mode” activations. When they touch you and say “Dance Mode!” you have to dance for 30 seconds, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, safety allowing, of course.

This fan favorite episode, Bingo is given the opportunity to activate “Dance Mode” on her family. A touch of their tails and they have to dance, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Could you technically play this game inside? Sure. But the stakes aren’t the same when you aren’t out in public, dancing among strangers.

OK, I know what you’re thinking: there’s no way you would play this game with your kids. Even Chilli and Bandit aren’t too keen on this one. But hear me out: this is a great way to really engage with your kids and also help you get over self-consciousness and inhibitions. (Kevin Jonas highly recommends it!) Go ahead and give it a go!

“Rug Island” | Season 2, Episode 10


How To Play: You, an adult, are “shipwrecked” on an island (any outdoor space). The children you’re playing with are the island’s inhabitants who teach you how to live there. The sky’s the limit with this one but you will have to stretch those imaginary muscles.

This beautiful episode is everything that’s good about Bluey. Bandit, pressed for time, can’t play with the girls on his way to work. Of course, this being Bluey, he finds the time and joins them in a game of “Rug Island,” where everything from fish to houses to fruit is made out of colorful felt pens. There, the girls teach him their ways — how to fish, make a shelter, harvest bananas, cook, and more. Most importantly, they teach him how to find joy in simplicity. But Rug Island isn’t for adults — it’s basically a metaphor for childhood — and while adults are welcome to visit, they cannot stay, and Bandit sails back to the land of adults. (This also gives you a great out when you’re done playing.)

“Obstacle Course” | Season 3, Episode 2


How To Play: Set up a simple obstacle course in your outdoor space for you and your kiddo. Include things to run around, under, over, climb, jump, and more. Get creative with it!

Everyone has things they’re naturally good at and things they need to practice. In this episode, Bluey finds she frequently loses to her dad in certain games, including an obstacle course. Her little legs just can’t keep up. But the difference between people who are really good at something and people who really aren’t is rarely just a matter of natural talent: it’s practice. Chilli trains Bluey to improve her time and when she eventually re-challenges her dad, she is victorious... at least she would have been if Bandit hadn’t cheated rather than admit his 7-year-old beat him.

“Dirt” | Season 3, Episode 36


How To Play: Just find some dirt and play in it. Some games aren’t complicated.

When Bluey and Bingo have a massive mountain of dirt in the front yard, the sisters waste no time diving in, sliding down, and just generally having a great time getting dirty. But Judo, a chow chow known for her beautiful coat, is less inclined to get dirty. Who can blame her: it takes so much time to wash, brush, and style her fur so she doesn’t want to do it any more than she already does. But when her mom, the formidable Wendy, sees that Judo’s sense of identity based on her appearance is keeping her from having fun and being a kid, Wendy gives herself a super-short haircut to show her that everyone is more than their appearance. Soon, Judo is also sporting a short do and is frolicking in the dirt with her friends.