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Kids Are Obsessed With This Hilarious Prank From Bluey Going Viral on TikTok

If your little one hasn’t tried to prank you yet, be warned: it’s coming!

Bluey is one of the best kids’ shows on TV, and the fun-loving Heeler family has inspired countless games and toys to entertain your preschoolers (and their parents). It’s just a fact: kids love Bluey. And recently, parents have been sharing one hilarious prank on TikTok that kids have learned from the show — and the videos will have you crying with laughter.

TikTok user @mymadisyn recently posted a video of her daughter doing a prank, which she admitted she had “no idea” where she learned it. Commenters were quick to point out it’s from Bluey and many mentioned their kids were doing it, too.

The prank in question, which is so cute when done by a little kid, features your child holding one hand up and the other cupped below. The child then asks you to “stick your finger inside and wiggle it around,” as they try not to laugh. Then, they ask you to take out your finger and “close the lid.” Then, they say, “Thanks for cleaning my toilet!” as they dissolve into a fit of giggles. Yes, it’s just as adorable as it sounds!

The prank comes from Season 2, Episode 7 “Favourite Thing” from the hit animated Australian show on Disney+. In it, Bingo does the prank on her mom Chili while the whole family is enjoying a nice picnic lunch. After she says “thank you for cleaning my toilet,” she laughs along with Bluey and their dad Bandit, while their mom tries to wipe her finger clean.

Because this joke is perfect for little kids — potty humor, easy to memorize, gets a funny reaction — it’s been going viral on TikTok. Parents are sharing videos of their kids attempting this prank, and their cute voices combined with precious giggles are so fun to watch. Needless to say, kids are obsessed with this silly prank!

Bluey has been the focus of TikTok multiple times, as parents watch this show over and over and try to find deeper meaning in the episodes. For example, thinking Bluey might be a rainbow baby or that Bandit and Chili may have been up to some “nefarious activities” to afford their amazing house are two popular theories on TikTok.

If your little one hasn’t tried to prank you yet, be warned: it’s coming!