Lisa Ann Walter and Bradley Cooper in 'Abbott Elementary.'
Disney/Gilles Mingasson

Bradley Cooper Made A Surprise Cameo On Abbott Elementary As A Student’s Show-And-Tell

He just figured “what the heck?”

Bradley Cooper was just hanging out in his hometown of Philadelphia trying to get a hoagie at his favorite deli when he decided to drop in at a local public school for show and tell. Or at least, that’s what happened during Cooper’s recent cameo on Abbott Elementary. The Oscar-nominated actor showed up for show-and-tell in Melissa Schemmenti’s third grade class, and he was a bit hit.

Cooper appeared on Season 3, Episode 6 of ABC’s Abbott Elementary, which aired right after the Oscars on Sunday night, in a hilarious cameo. He is brought into class by a student named Cleo, who explains that he “brought a famous person I saw outside,” and in walks Bradley Cooper, who we can only assume was waiting patiently outside in the hallway while young student Melanie was showing off the inside of her eyelids. Ms. Schemmenti (Lisa Ann Walter), who had been half paying attention and looking at her phone, jumps up from behind her desk. “What? You are Bradley Cooper! Why are you Bradley Cooper? And why are you here?” she asks nervously. Cooper, who is a Philly native himself, explains, “Well, whenever I’m in Philly, you know the deli across the street? That’s my first stop. My dad used to always say to me, ‘They’re the best hoagies in the city.’”

I’m sorry to tell you that Cooper does not get the chance to share the name of this deli, because Ms. Schemmenti calls all the other teachers in to ask him questions.

While the rest of the Abbott Elementary staff pile into the room, Cooper explains that he happened to have time to come visit the class, “So when my friend here asked me to come by, I had a minute, so I thought what the heck.” Then the questions start. One student asks skeptically, “If you’re famous, are you in Spider-Man?” He admits that he’s not, but does point out he was in Guardians of the Galaxy. “No, you weren’t!” Mr. Johnson (William Stanford-Davis) yells out, prompting Cooper to do the voice of Rocket the Raccoon. They’re really making him work for it, and it does not stop there.

Janine Teagues (Quinta Brunson) called out He’s Just Not That Into You, referencing the title of a movie Cooper was in, and Barbara Howard (Sheryl Lee Ralph) chided, “Now Janine, that’s just rude.”

Barbara goes on to try to compliment Cooper, saying, “I just loved you in The Holdovers. It was just so heartwarming,” which is classic Barbara Howard as she never gets the name of anything right. She is reminded that the movie she is thinking of is The Hangover, which is definitely not heartwarming.

Janine finally points out that Cooper is currently in a “critically acclaimed film,” referencing Maestro, but Melissa guesses Oppenhemier. When Cooper, looking increasingly skeptical, says he wasn’t in Oppenheimer, Principal Ava Coleman (Janelle James) challenges him. “Are you sure? Everybody’s in Oppenheimer.”

Cooper eventually gives up and exits, ensuring that Cleo gets an A before taking a group photo with the teachers and pointing out that public schools are “criminally underfunded.”

All in all, a perfect cameo. Now we just need him to join the regular cast.