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Brittany Mahomes Says She Does "Not Recommend" This Potty Training Hack

“Do not recommend things on the potty.”

Brittany Mahomes is currently going through a big first with 2-year-old daughter Sterling. She’s in the midst of potty training. While it might be the first time for both mom and daughter, the Kansas City Current co-owner has already flipped on one potty training hack that she thought would work.

Mahomes, who shares Sterling and 8-month-old baby boy Patrick “Bronze” Mahomes III with her NFL player husband Patrick Mahomes, shared details about potty training her little girl over the weekend on her Instagram Story.

“Do not recommend things on the potty,” she captioned a photo of Sterling sitting on a potty looking at her tablet. There was a foreboding arrow pointing directly at her daughter’s tablet. “I have a timer set for how long she gets it before I take it away if she has not gone to the potty,” she explained before adding, “Ask me how potty training is going today” with a laughing/crying face emoji.

Apparently trying to get her daughter to relax on the potty while watching her favorite shows was not the way to go.

Brittany Mahomes tried a potty training hack that did not work.Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

While that particular day of potty training might not have gone too well, Sterling (and her mom) rebounded. “Take two of this potty training thing” she wrote alongside a photo of Sterling sitting on the potty with her tablet, so maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all. The proud mom also shared a photo of “Ster’s Potty Chart,” which documented all the times she had been using the potty effectively, and finished by telling her followers that her daughter was “crushing it.” Especially since she only had “one accident on the floor.”

There are all sorts of different potty training hacks out there, and every kid comes to it in their own way. Which is probably quite easy to say once you are out of those years and able to look back fondly. And once you’ve already been through it the first time around.

Good news for Brittany Mahomes, then. Just another year or two and she’ll be potty training baby Bronze. And she’ll be an absolute pro by that point.