Cardi B is really enjoying life as a mom.
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Moms Will Relate To Why Cardi B Isn't Ready To Drop A New Album Right Now

“That wouldn’t be fair to my daughter.”

If you’ve been waiting for Cardi B to put out some new music, you might be waiting a long time. Because the rapper is just feeling “too comfortable” enjoying her life as mom to 4-year-old daughter Kulture and 1-year-old son Wave with husband Offset. In a candid video the “W.A.P.” singer shared on her Instagram Live, she explained that she is just enjoying her home life with her kids way too much to be focused on making new music. Especially since new music generally means a tour, which adds a whole new level of complications into the mix.

In a video on her Instagram Live from Dec. 6, Cardi B addressed fans who have been asking for new music. “I feel like I have gotten too comfortable because I’m just a mom,” she explained, adding that she has “a lot of anxiety, because I know right after I drop my album I have to go on tour and I have bad separation anxiety from my kids.”

While some people have noted that she could potentially take her kids on tour, that option does not sit well with Cardi. “That wouldn’t be fair for my daughter,” the protective mom said. “She’s in gymnastics class, she’s in ballet, she’s about to take hip hop classes, and she likes to be around kids.” If she takes her daughter on tour, her routine would obviously be upended. “I don’t want to rob her away from things she wants to do just because I want her to be close to me.”

Fortunately, she’s saved up a bunch of money so all is well for her little family.

Cardi B has certainly been taking to her social media platforms to share her gratitude for her family in recent months. For Mother’s Day, the singer shared a video of her own personal “beautiful chaos” at home with Offset and her children. And the entire family dressed up as characters from Batman for Halloween for a photo shoot, which Cardi B captioned, “Grateful for my family. Thank you lord for changing my life around.”

The singer’s honesty about not being in the right head space to create more music is a powerful lesson to any parent who feels as though they are not quite ready to be away from their kids. It’s such a massive life shift, why rush if you don’t have to?