Cardi B shared Kulture's amazing school lunch.
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Cardi B Shared Photos Of 4-Year-Old Kulture’s School Lunches & I'm Suddenly Starving

“Kulture is eatingggg.”

When Cardi B’s 4-year-old daughter Kulture Kiara heads off to school for the day, no one needs to worry about her suffering from a lack of dining options. According to photos of her school lunch shared by her mom on Twitter, that little girl is eating a veritable smorgasbord every day of the week. And honestly we would be more than happy to have someone deliver exactly the same lunch to us, Fruit Loops and Kool-Aid Jammer included.

On Tuesday, the “Bodak Yellow” singer proudly shared several photos of her daughter’s packed school lunches, which even she had to admit are absolutely “everything.” One day little Kulture, who Cardi B shares with husband Offset along with 1-year-old son Wave, might be noshing on some delicious-looking mac and cheese with some chicken nuggets and steamed broccoli, while the next day she is enjoying leftover pasta, fried chicken, corn on the cob, string cheese, crackers, and fruit. While all of that is very impressive, Kulture’s packed lunches are all about the beverages. Kool-Aid Jammers, Yoohoos, GoGo Squeezes, and a Carnation Breakfast Fruit Loop drink that I can tell you from experience tastes like the milk you get at the bottom of a bowl of Fruit Loops.

Kulture is really living the life over there.

Cardi B fans already knew that Kulture was living a seriously extra life with her parents, what with her parents gifting her cold hard cash to the tune of $50,000 when she turned four and her over-the-top birthday parties and everything. But there was something about the everyday, accessible luxury of these packed lunches that had her fans really thinking about how great it must be to be Kulture. “You can adopt me if you want. I’m kinda old but I’m funny, sometimes,” tweeted one fan. “Kulture is eatingggg,” another fan wrote.

Cardi didn’t only share photos of her daughter’s school lunches. After one fan asked, “what does her breakfast and supper look like?” the rapper did not disappoint. She shared a photo of Kulture’s breakfast and then a video of her dinner. For dinner she was eating more chicken, more corn on the cob and a big pile of vegetables, while her breakfast consisted of cut up fruit mixed in with what looked to be French toast.

It should come as no surprise that Cardi B is taking the time to pack her daughter the most amazing lunches ever, especially after she told fans that she was in no rush to create new music because she loved the routine of being at home with her kids. The mom of two doesn’t want to head out on tour right now, simply because “that wouldn’t be fair for my daughter,” she explained in a YouTube video in December. “She’s in gymnastics class, she’s in ballet, she’s about to take hip hop classes, and she likes to be around kids. I don’t want to rob her away from things she wants to do just because I want her to be close to me.”

For now, Cardi B is just having the time of her life putting together bespoke school lunches for her daughter. And Kulture is eating them up.