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Moms Are Loving Chrissy Teigen's Message About Her Postpartum Boobs & "Lifetime Scars"

Moms are thanking her for sharing an unfiltered look at postpartum bodies.

Delivering a human being out of your body changes you. Not just emotionally but physically and often in ways you might not have expected. It can understandably be a challenge to embrace those changes for some new moms. Shifting shapes, new scars, little pains you didn’t have before. For Chrissy Teigen, she shared a lovely message about her postpartum boobs and “purple lifetime scars” in a new Instagram post that some moms are finding inspirational. Because sometimes you just need a change in perspective.

Teigen and husband John Legend welcomed daughter Esti Maxine in January, making 7-year-old daughter Luna and 4-year-old son Miles older siblings. The Cravings cookbook author and former model has been loving her new life as a mom of three, so much so that she skipped out on joining her husband at the Grammys this year just to stay home and snuggle up with her baby girl and made it clear she had no regrets. Which appears to be the theme of Teigen’s life with her baby girl.

In a recent Instagram post, Teigen shared a photo of herself naked in the tub holding Esti and captioned the happy moment, “a boob that somehow hangs all along my side and deep purple lifetime scars but you are too perfect to worry about any of it!”

Teigen’s post was a hit with other moms. “Thank you for being brave (though it shouldn’t be brave) enough to post suck real photos,” wrote one social media user. “I think there’s a dysmorphia that is happening because everything is so filtered and contrived. This is just what people look like when we take down the veil. There is beauty in real. And in knowing that we sacrifice to make these beautiful little people. Our bodies are meant to be lived in!”

Another added, “Thank you for this picture! Second time mama with a 3 month old and I feel like I don’t recognize this body. Bounce back culture is causing me to have a lot of self disapproval and to see a celeb with all the resources in the world show such a real pic makes me feel like I’m right where I need to be.”

“Thank you for showing what moms look post partum. I need to learn to love my scars,” one more said.

The mom of three has always been known for being open about how motherhood has changed her body. In a discussion with People about having a C-section last month, she admitted, “It really is so crazy ... I'm like, ‘Oh, my God. I was laying there wide awake with my body cut open and a baby comes out.’ Now Miles and Luna love looking at my scar and they call it the baby hole.”

Giving birth changes a person’s body. There is no shame in that. And, as Teigen pointed out, there’s no benefit to worrying about it either.