Chrissy Teigen's daughter Esti is fully walking.
Steve Granitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen Shared The Cutest Video Of Daughter Esti Walking In The Squeakiest Shoes

Esti could not look prouder of herself.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have a little runner on their hands. Their 1-year-old daughter Esti Maxine has started walking, or really sort of running by the looks of things in Teigen’s recent video on Instagram. We all remember what those early steps are like, when toddlers figure out how to get up on their two feet and move around. Teigen, as a mom of four, is not exactly new to this stage either, which could be why she bought her daughter squeak shoes. Easier to track.

The Cravings cookbook author took to Instagram with the most adorable video of daughter Esti, who she welcomed last January, walking around the house. Very nearly running around the house, in fact, with that familiar belly-forward posture favored by newly walking toddlers everywhere. Esti, who Teigen is raising with husband John Legend along with 7-year-old daughter Luna, 5-year-old son Miles, and 9-month-old son Wren, looked super proud to be walking. Especially since she was wearing squeak shoes, which squeak whenever she takes a step. Her mother certainly is a fan of these shoes.


Teigen’s not the only one to get a kick out of Esti’s adorable squeak shoes and the little girl’s absolute joy in walking. “Her proud smile as she passes by,” wrote one user, while another wrote, “YES... Now you know where she is with her cute self!”

You do know what this means, of course. Teigen and Legend have two babies just five months apart, and they’ll both be walking around the same time. Those squeak shoes are either going to be a great way to monitor where their little ones are, or that squeaking is about to get real annoying, real fast.

Fortunately for these parents, they’re staying one step ahead of the game. Legend told the Voices of Beauty Summit on Wednesday that “Chrissy and I have committed to doing a staycation one night a month to get away from the kids,” per Us Weekly, adding that this staycation involves “getting away from the kids, going to a spa and just [enjoying] each other’s company.”

One night at a quiet spa, no kids allowed. And certainly no squeak shoes allowed. Which is probably how Teigen can still get such joy from squeak shoes. She gets a little break from them.