Christina Aguilera keeps it fun with her kids.
Hayden Coens

When Christina Aguilera’s Kids Give Her A Bouncy House On Mother’s Day, She Jumps Right In

The singer is a self-described “kid at heart.”

Christina Aguilera has no qualms nerding out over video games. Or diving into a bouncy castle. Or really anything that makes her feel like a kid again. The 41-year-old mother of two might have five Grammys to her name, but she tells Romper, at her core, she’s a “huge kid at heart.” So whatever 14-year-old Max and 7-year-old Summer have planned for Mother’s Day this year, Aguilera is ride or die.

And perhaps that’s a day of gaming. The “Genie In A Bottle” singer recently partnered with Nintendo and participated in a virtual gaming event where she was happy to race around newly remastered courses on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. “Life can be too serious sometimes. So this is nice to be able to escape into these fun worlds and play these characters that just bring so much joy to our lives,” Aguilera says of her love of video games.

If Mario Kart isn’t in the plans for Mother’s Day this Sunday, Aguilera is game for anything (pun fully intended). When discussing what her ultimate Mother’s Day would look like, The Voice coach says she isn’t looking for a spa day or a relaxation retreat. Instead, she’s looking for more time with her kids. “I'll be at home with my kids, just enjoying them and enjoying quality family time,” she says. “Nothing fancy, just being able to share time.”

And, okay, maybe a bouncy castle or two.

“One year for me and the kids, [my partner Matthew Rutler] filled the backyard with bouncy houses and little carnival games,” Aguilera shares. “It was definitely a time where I got my own personal time with them in the backyard.”

“I like to sort of see what they come up with because they always do a pretty good job of being thoughtful.”

But when she does want to relax, Aguilera heeds her own advice, as she shared with TODAY back in 2015. “As much as we all love our kids, ultimately we all have ourselves that are separate and it's important to have a release just for yourself,” she said at the time. “We literally give so much of ourselves, it's important to make time some to be able to find a creative release or pampering release.”

These days, Aguilera tells Romper she finds yoga and, of course, songwriting to be incredibly helpful to find a “moment to pause and reflect.”

“I'm only my best whenever I have these moments of pause and time to really reflect and not be so on the go,” she shares. “It drives me mentally crazy at some point, and it catches up to you... It's really important I think to reconnect with yourself.”

While Aguilera really enjoys these moments to “replenish and refresh,” she wants to make sure she can savor all of life’s little moments with her kids. “They're constantly changing and evolving and becoming little people,” she says.

“You just want the best for these little beings that you've created,” she adds. “There's no one in the world you love more than them.”