'Encanto' Earned 3 Oscar Nominations, But Surprisingly "We Don't Talk About Bruno" Didn't Make The Cut

Lin-Manuel Miranda could win big.

Extraordinary magic has developed from the magic of Encanto. Not only has the Disney-animated film given us a new hit song to sing in the car and shower, but it’s also on its way to being award-winning. Encanto is up for three Oscar nominations; Best Song, Best Animated Feature, and Germaine Franco’s Original Score. The nomination has paved the way for “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” creator, Lin- Manuel Miranda to reach EGOT status.

There is exceptional power in being ordinary. This is what I’ve already learned from watching the trailer for Disney’s Encanto, and while that might not be the exact message the gorgeous new animated feature intended, I still think it’s a good one.

Encanto is set in rural Columbia where there is a magical, colorful, musical place called Casa Madrigal. In Madrigal, every child is born with a magical gift, or an “encanto.” Things like being able to talk to animals, or super strength, or shape-shifting. Everyone except for one 15-year-old girl named Mirabel. This young girl is just a regular girl without any magical powers.

The trailer sees Mirabel receiving a huge basket of gifts that an awkward friend calls, “the not-special special, since you have no gift.” But therein lies Mirabel’s power. NBC News reports that Mirabel uses her ordinary gifts to try to save the encantos of Madrigal once they become endangered.

Encanto promises to be one of those feel-good animated classics. Where kids learn a lesson without realizing they’re learning a lesson. My favorite kind.

Here’s everything we know about the movie so far.

Release Date

Disney’s ‘Encanto’ is a real treat.

Encanto is set to be released in theaters across the country on Nov. 24, after four years of waiting. Just think of it; going to a movie theater to see a glorious animated Disney movie. It’s like a dream.

The Cast

Stephanie Beatriz voices Mirabel in ‘Encanto.’VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn 99 voices Mirabel, and as a woman raised by a Colombian father, she told Deadline that “playing this role fills me with immense pride.” Especially since she loves the character so much. “Mirabel is a really funny, loving character who also deeply yearns for something more,” says Beatriz. “She’s also not afraid to stand up for what she knows is right—something I love and relate to very much.” Other cast members include Colombian actress Angie Cepeda, as well as familiar voices like NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama and Diane Guerrero from Orange Is the New Black.

The Lin-Manuel Miranda Effect

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the score for ‘Encanto.’Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote a total of eight new songs for Encanto, in fact the entire score was written by the Broadway hit maker. Of course, Miranda also wrote songs for the Disney animated feautre Moana, and if we learned anything from that movie, it’s that Miranda plus Disney animated features equals pure magic. And ear worms, so many ear worms.

How To Stream ‘Encanto’

The movie is set to hit theaters on Nov. 24 and won’t be streaming until after the theatrical release. A stream date has yet to be announced, but it stands to reason that it will be made available on Disney+ when the time comes.

Now we just have to wait until November to meet Maribel.