Archie's Accent Might Be American, But Is It A Little British Too?

Pay attention to when he says "new."

It finally happened. Finally, after months of waiting, we heard his little voice wishing us all "Happy New Year." And now let's sit down and discuss the most important thing about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's podcast, Archewell Audio: Does Archie have an American accent? Twitter has been weighing in after the tot spoke on the special holiday episode of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's brand new podcast that aired on Tuesday.

During the episode, Markle and Prince Harry spoke to Elton John, Tyler Perry, James Corden, Deepak Chopra, and more celebrities and public figures about the past year. While their list of guests was clearly a podcasters' dream, the real star of the show was their 19-month-old son Archie. At the very end of the podcast, the couple welcomed him to the microphone to speak. Archie first repeated after his mom by saying he was having "fun," and then went on to share his parents' message for a "happy New Year." And please also know that he giggles and his parents could not sound more delighted.

You know who else was delighted? Every person out there who has been waiting to hear his voice and find out whether or not Archie will have an American or British accent.

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's son Archie seems to have an American accent.

Good news for people on this side of the pond. The consensus on social media appears to be that Archie, who has been living in North America since January when his parents stepped back from their senior royal roles, has picked up on the accent of his adopted country. He sounds like a sweet little American boy to most of the internet. Even Daily Mail writer Rebecca English, who wrote on Twitter, "[Archie] very much has an American accent."

Another social media user wrote, "The Californian accent is pleasing me and my homegirls."

Many were certain they heard an American accent. "I loved hearing Archie’s sweet voice and his American accent!" another listener commented. Another excitedly tweeted, "Oh my goodness that’s adorable, Archie sounds like he has an American accent! Loveeeee this!"

Twitter is talking about Archie's accent.

While the general consensus online seemed to be that Archie has an American accent, there were a few detractors. One person thought they heard a little British accent when Archie spoke, which I personally thought I noticed as well when he said the word "new." This would make sense considering his dad Prince Harry is, of course, British and little Archie was born in the United Kingdom.

Some social media users were sure they heard a tinge of a British accent. "Archie is so precious! And he speaks so well for 19 months old and I think he already has a British accent! Amazing. Happy New Year!" One more said, "who else noticed Archie’s American and British accents?! The way he said 'new' just like his daddy made me swoon."

Twitter is loving Archie's accent.

Perhaps Archie will have a little Madonna-inspired hybrid accent. I am here for that.