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Donna Kelce Just Explained The Super Bowl Ticket Policy For Babies & It's Bananas

“If your child has a heartbeat, you have to pay for them.”

If you think Donna Kelce has big plans to bring her grandchildren to the Super Bowl, you might want to take another guess. Everyone’s favorite football mom gave a hilarious explainer of how Super Bowl tickets for kids work, and she doesn’t sound like she has plans to bring three little toddlers along with her.

Donna Kelce spoke to TODAY about this year’s Super Bowl, where her son Travis will be playing for the Kansas City Chiefs in the biggest game of the season for the second year in a row. Last year, football fans will remember that both of her sons were in the Super Bowl that was dubbed the “Kelce Bowl,” with Jason Kelce playing for the Philadelphia Eagles against Travis for the Chiefs. Jason Kelce’s wife Kylie was very pregnant with the couple’s third child, a daughter they named Bennett, and they decided to bring her OB-GYN along to the Super Bowl to be on the safe side. They did not have to pay for her pregnant belly, but according to Donna Kelce, that’s pretty much the last time a kid is getting in for free.

“If your child has a heartbeat, you have to pay for them,” Donna Kelce told TODAY. “It doesn’t matter if they were just born. If you have a child, even if you’re holding them the whole time, you have to pay the full price.”

Of course Donna Kelce is telling the truth here. The NFL website for purchasing Super Bowl tickets states, “All persons entering the Stadium, regardless of age, must have a Ticket for the Event.” We just like the way Donna Kelce puts it better.

Kelce, who is grandmother to Jason and Kylie Kelce’s 4-year-old daughter Wyatt, 2-year-old daughter Elliotte, and 1-year-old daughter Bennett, isn’t the only member of the family to question whether or not Super Bowl tickets are really worth the cost for small kids. Kylie Kelce talked about “paying almost $4,000” to bring her daughter to watch the Super Bowl in a TikTok video last year, calling it “bananas.” Jason Kelce went on to ask his daughter if she wanted to go, and she responded that she did not.

This year, Jason Kelce is not playing in the Super Bowl, which makes it even less likely that his daughters would go even if they do love their “Uncle Trav.” Considering their dad’s penchant for ripping off his shirt and jumping into the crowd, it’s probably best to leave the toddlers at home.

Mama Kelce will have enough on her hands with her own child.