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People Are, Once Again, Loving Drew Barrymore After She Shared A Look Inside Her Kitchen

Check out her spice rack.

First it was her bathroom, then it was her closet. All just so unbelievably normal. That’s Drew Barrymore for you. A huge celebrity her whole life, but you would never know by looking at her amazingly normal home. Barrymore has been sharing glimpses of her living situation with her followers on social media, and her latest “spring cleaning” video is being praised for how normal her kitchen looks.

The mom of two took recently shared a spring cleaning video on TikTok, where she busied herself by emptying out drawers in her kitchen in an effort to “edit” her belongings. Barrymore was dressed in a graphic sweatshirt and grey track pants, down on her knees in front of her kitchen cupboards as she emptied them out in her very, very small kitchen. Her small white gas stove stood in the background, and her wall-mounted spice rack that looks like any spice rack in anyone’s house. She didn’t even do that thing where she empties the spices from their store-bought jars into better looking, matched jars. Her big revelation came when she opened up her cupboards to share two empty shelves, which she immediately wiped down with a rag. Herself.

“Two now empty drawers that I’m cleaning. Spring cleaning! Edit,” she exclaimed, apparently happy to be cleaning.

Barrymore’s followers gushed over how “normal” her kitchen looked. “A normal celebrity kitchen is refreshing to see. I have the exact same stove,” wrote one TikTok user, while others noted that Barrymore’s kitchen had regular looking appliances like an air fryer on the counter. Ultimately, people just really appreciated this video and the Ever After star herself. “A real used kitchen. I think the Drew might be an original,” one said. Another added, “We need a house tour because I’m absolutely in love with the simplicity of your kitchen!”

This is not the first time Barrymore has impressed her followers with her normal home. She regularly shares videos taken in her modest home and her followers are always big fans of these glimpses. Whether she’s just enjoying her life as a homebody and frying herself an egg in her ubiquitous grey sweatpants, trying on clothes in her closet that is not a closet and is just two racks of clothes, or crying over a re-watch of The Wedding Singer in her normal bedroom, Barrymore is nothing if not relatable.