Drew Barrymore's house is refreshingly normal.
James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Drew Barrymore Shared A Peek Inside Her Home & Fans Can't Get Over How "Normal" It Is

It’s shockingly normal.

Drew Barrymore has been acting for four decades and currently hosts her own talk show. She has been a celebrity since she was 7 years old, earning a paycheck when the rest of us were just going to school and being children. Because of this, she has amassed a pretty substantial fortune, which she could have used to build at least one mansion or even a few if she wanted. This is apparently not Barrymore’s style. The mom of two recently shared a video giving us a peek inside her home, and the main takeaway from her fans was that it’s just so “normal.”

In a new TikTok, Barrymore gave her fans a glimpse of her nights at home. “I love staying in,” she captioned the video, which shows her moving through her home, where she is clearly super cozy as she fries an egg in her kitchen in track pants and a t-shirt. The kitchen, it’s worth noting, looked to be a regular size with a dark green accent wall and some tall white cupboards and a regular gas stove that is not even stainless steel. She also offered a glimpse of her closet as she tried on a funky outfit. You might not believe this, but it’s barely even a walk-in. Just two rows of clothes and a shoe rack and a dresser.

It was all quite refreshing to see from a major celebrity who loves it so much at home that she calls herself a “happy little hermit” in a British voiceover in the video.

Barrymore’s fans loved to see her living situation, with many praising her for just being “normal.” In fact, one person commented, “You give off the vibes of you bought your first apartment and you are still there, so wholesome and cuteeeee.” Another noted, “I love that your house looks like a home and not just a show piece,” while this person asked, “Is it possible that you live in a normal house?!”

This isn’t the first glimpse Barrymore has given of her very regular looking home. In January, she shared a video of herself in tears re-watching The Wedding Singer on a comically small television in her bedroom, which everyone loved at the time. Last April, it was her bathroom with the unfashionable bathtub/shower combo and sliding glass doors that had everyone applauding.

Maybe Barrymore, who has spent her whole life being famous, just wants to feel normal when she’s at home. And we certainly love her for it.