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Gabrielle Union Shared A Sweet Video Of Kaavia Giving A Ladybug An Impromptu Funeral

We just witnessed Shady Baby at work, y’all.

You just never know when tragedy is going to strike. One minute, you’re having the time of your life on a trampoline with your mom like 5-year-old Kaavia James, and the sun is shining and everyone is having a great time. The next minute, a ladybug dies on your watch. What’s a Shady Baby to do? Hold a trampoline-side funeral in memoriam of the departed ladybug, obviously, which is just exactly the sweet moment Gabrielle Union caught on video. Unless... wait. The ladybug might not be as dead we first suspected.

The Bring It On star took to Instagram to share a moment she and her daughter Kaavia, who she shares with husband Dwyane Wade, on a trampoline. The mother and daughter were bouncing up and down on a trampoline when Kaavia suddenly stopped, pointed down, and said, “What is that?” Union stopped to discover a ladybug who appeared to be dead, telling her daughter, “No, she didn’t make it. Let’s go bury her.”

The thoughtful mom went on to tell her daughter, “We need to give her back to the earth,” probably feeling pretty good about herself for modeling healthy grief. Certainly Kaavia was into it, helping her mom bury the ladybug, even adding a flower to give the burial a real sense of occasion before praying, “Dear Jesus, help the ladybug not die, go back to his family. Amen.”

Union raised her eyebrows, saying “anything is possible,” while Kaavia proclaimed that the ladybug had come back to life very nonchalantly before walking back to the trampoline. “Back to work,” she called over her shoulder to her mother, breezily moving on from her little miracle.

So, hold on. Did we witness a miracle? Possibly, considering Union wrote on Kaavia’s Instagram feed, “#RIPladybug unlessssss.”

Her many fans could not get over her powers. “Kaav said prayers up! Welp! Back to work,” wrote one user. “She said what she said!!! She said my prayers hold weight and it is already done!!! Now back to workkk,” added another. “Kaaaavvvv…. Has FAITH!!!! We believe God with her! lol!” one fan pointed out.

Union actually managed to breeze right by a potentially difficult conversation about the inevitability of death with her 5-year-old daughter, which tends to get pretty awkward and could have ruined a fun afternoon of bouncing on the trampoline. So kudos to her.

Kaavia James has long been the truth-teller of her family, giving her mother the bad news on camera that her breath stinks or laughing at her when she pretended to cry, which makes these sweet moments of kindness even more powerful. As was the case when Union showed up to the Met Gala last week in a Kaavia-approved dress that her daughter told her made her look like a mermaid.

You take it all is it comes. Especially with Shady Baby.