Kaavia James doesn't pull any punches.
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Getty Images

Gabrielle Union's "Shady Baby" Daughter Kaavia Happily Told Her She Had Bad Breath

“Shady Baby” is at it again.

A toddler is arguably the last person you should ever go to if you are feeling even slightly sensitive about an issue. They are unfailingly honest, often at the worst possible time. If you are hoping for some reassurance from a toddler, do so at your own peril. Especially Kaavia James, the 3-year-old daughter of Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade. She has earned the nickname “Shady Baby” with good reason; she is totally and completely open about all of her feelings. Which is refreshing unless she is telling you that your breath stinks like she did to her mom recently. Admittedly, the Bring It On actress did ask. But still. Ouch.

On Tuesday, Union shared an Instagram video where she was sitting with her daughter Kaavia. Sitting too closely, apparently, because suddenly Kaavia turned to her mother and said, “Listen” and showed her mother how to breathe into her hand. “Is that because my breath stinks?” Union said to her daughter. Without missing a beat the famously outspoken toddler said, “Yeah!” Union, looking embarrassed, said, “So what should mommy do when her breath stinks?” Kaavia showed her again how to breathe into her own hand.

Union captioned the post, “It be your own kids. @kaaviajames is something else.”

As ever, Union’s social media followers fully supported Kaavia’s antics. “The smile at the end? Omg. She does not care, she was pleased with herself,” wrote one, while another added, “That baby been reading folks since she was in the womb, she is not the ONE or the two.”

Union and Wade — who also share Wade’s three children, 20-year-old son Zaire, 14-year-old daughter Zaya, and 8-year-old son Xavier from previous relationships — both get a real kick out of their youngest daughter. In fact, Wade recently told Romper that the entire household serves at the pleasure of little Kaavia. “It all revolves around Kaavia. ‘What do you want to watch, what do you want to eat?’”

It’s not difficult to understand why; she is incredibly entertaining. So much so that she has her own Instagram feed, her own book called Shady Baby, a clothing line with her dad, and naturally many videos on social media of Kaavia just being Kaavia. Like when her mom pretended to cry, ostensibly for some sympathy, and all Kaavia had to say was “Don’t do it,” or when she wouldn’t let her mom in the house and told her “this is my house you can’t come in here.”

In other words, Kaavia is the last person you should ask if your breath stinks. Unless you want the truth. Then by all means... shoot your shot.