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Gabrielle Union's Daughter Hilariously Told Her "Don't Do It" When She Pretended To Cry

“Shady Baby” is at it again!

She’s been “Shady Baby” ever since she was born in November 2018, and now it’s probably safe to say she can be upgraded to “Shady Toddler,” although it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Gabrielle Union’s 3-year-old daughter Kaavia has always had loads of personality, and turning into a toddler has not exactly slowed the process. Like when her mom pretended to cry while she was trying to play, she shut that down quick as anything.

Union and her husband Dwyane Wade have always celebrated their youngest daughter Kaavia’s outsized personality. Some might even go so far as to say the couple, who are also raising two sons and one daughter from Wade’s previous relationship, cultivate her individuality. Like when the Bring It On actress broke down in fake “tears” while Kaavia was playing nearby, presumably to see what sort of reaction she might get.

As Union sits on the sofa and cries behind her hands in a video shared on TikTok, Kaavia takes action. She starts off asking her mother to “please stop crying,” and “don’t sad,” before pulling her mom’s hands away to say, “don’t do it.” She pauses to frown for a second at her mom before adding, “Don’t make a sad face. You can’t do that.” Kaavia then walks away to continue her game.

Union captioned the video “When @kaaviajames says “Don’t do it…” iiiiiiiiiiii am... Bless her lil heart, so sweet.” She also noted that her daughter “doesn’t want you to cry because it’s interrupting play time,” and you can’t fault Kaavia for that. Certainly Union’s followers loved Kaavia’s reaction, “‘Don't do it’ it's her expressions tryna tell you to not dare,” wrote one, while another noted, “Kaav said ‘gurl’ you don’t see me over here playing cry later and not around me while I’m having fun.”

Kaavia has a history of speaking her mind, as she did back in October when she closed the door on her mom at home and said, “You can’t come in it, it’s my house.” She eventually let her in and decided it was time to go buy her some ice cream.

That’s Shady Baby/Toddler. Sassy and loving all at the same time.