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Halle Bailey & DDG Don’t Worry About Splitting Their Family's Finances 50/50

“I’m his stylist. I made sure I told Halle that was my job.”

Halle Bailey and her partner DDG are finding their own way when it comes to raising their baby boy Halo. Especially where their finances are concerned. DDG recently opened up about parenting and his relationship with The Little Mermaid star and he admitted that they do not split baby Halo’s finances equally. Because he loves to spend big on his little boy’s style.

The rapper sat down for a chat on The Shade Room podcast and discussed whether or not he and Bailey split their finances 50/50 like Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade. “50/50 is cool when it comes to … nah, not 50/50,” DDG said on Friday’s episode. “I pay for a lot of stuff. I don’t think 50/50 is a thing when you have money. Me and her have money so it’s a little different.”

DDG, who welcomed son Halo in 2023 with Bailey, went on to say that there are things he likes to pay for in their relationship. “For the most part, as a man, you know she will never pay for dinner, she will never pay for an Uber or trips and flights and stuff. I feel like that’s definitely my job. When it comes to our child, it’s a little different. We might split a night nurse here and there, you know what I mean? It ain’t even about the money, it’s just the principle, you know? The baby [is] 50/50.”

They might try to keep things as equal as possible when they are caring for Halo, but DDG admitted he spends more on their baby boy as his personal stylist. “I’m his stylist. I made sure I told Halle that was my job,” DDG told The Shade Room. “We collaborate now, but when it comes to popping out to special events like playdates, I feel like that’s where I come in and put together the best outfits for him.”

The proud dad is more than just his son’s stylist, he has also been present and supportive through Bailey’s struggles with postpartum depression. The singer recently opened up about suffering from “severe” postpartum depression and credited DDG for being a supportive dad, describing her experience as feeling “like you’re swimming in this ocean that’s like the biggest waves you’ve ever felt and you’re trying not to drown. And you’re trying to come up for air.”

Fortunately, she’s had DDG by her side and, of course, their incredibly stylish son.