18 Spooktacular Movies On Amazon Prime To Watch As A Family This Halloween

Because when was the last time you watched Young Frankenstein?

There is something about Halloween movies that make them so much better than movies about any other genre. It could be the scenery, the cozy feelings they produce, and the fact that movies about Halloween are just simple so much fun. No matter the reason for tuning in, you’ll probably want to watch these Halloween movies on Amazon Prime that are perfect to watch with every member of your family.

Amazon Prime is the one stop shop for cozy blankets, tasty pumpkin spice treats, and super fashionable flannel shirts that are perfect for the fall season. But you may not know that Amazon Prime is also home to some highly underrated Halloween films that you can watch with your kids, so you don’t have to turn on the super scary films once they go to bed. Yes, you can pop on one of these films while you’re cooking dinner, at your next sleepover, or if you just need something seasonally appropriate to watch with everyone in the family.

There are some movies that you might be familiar with, like Young Frankenstein, which is a Halloween classic. But there are other films, like The Dog Who Saved Halloween, that might instantly become a part of your Halloween movie rotation.

No matter which film you decide on, there is a Halloween movie streaming on Amazon Prime for your family. And the best thing? Every single one of these films are included in your Amazon Prime subscription. How is that for a treat?


All Hallows’ Eve

Eve Hallow is a teenage girl who was born on Halloween night. But on the evening of her 18th birthday, she discovers that she’s a witch when she attempts to speak to her dead mother. Instead of bringing her mother back to life, Eve accidentally summons an evil witch, bent on revenge, who threatens to wreak havoc on Eve’s life. It’s up to Eve to claim her magic and take control of her destiny before it’s too late.

Watch All Hallows’ Eve, not rated.


The Dog Who Saved Halloween

When the Bannister family moves into their home in time for Halloween, they are not expecting a bevy of tricks to be in store for them. But when strange lights and a scary dog that lives next door begins to spook them, they are forced to take a closer look. Thankfully, their talking dog, Zeus, helps save the day and save Halloween.

Watch The Dog Who Saved Halloween, rated PG.


The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Halloween!

If your kids are obsessed with reading books by Dr. Seuss or The Cat in the Hat, then they will absolutely love this Cat in the Hat Halloween special, which comes in at just under one hour long. Join the Cat in the Hat as he takes his friends, Nick and Sally, on the silliest Halloween ride ever. Together, they travel to the Ooky-ma-Kooky Closet where Nick and Sally find some amazing Halloween costumes and encounter some more treats along the way.

Watch The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Halloween!, rated G.


Spooky House

The Great Zamboni is a mysterious magician who lives in the Spooky House, a mysterious home that is filled with hidden rooms and magic tricks, with his pet jaguar. Max is an orphaned young boy who is bullied by his classmates. When Max’s classmates dare him to enter the Spooky House, he attempts to befriend Zamboni, who teaches him how to harness his power and stand up for himself.

Watch Spooky House, rated PG.


Young Frankenstein

Introduce your kids to this beloved Mel Brooks’ comedy from 1974. Young Frankenstein tells the story about a medical lecturer, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, who inherits his grandfather’s mansion in Transylvania. Upon his arrival he meets servants Igor and Inga who help him create a new monster. And when Frankenstein’s fiancée comes to visit, chaos ensues.

Watch Young Frankenstein, rated PG.


Steve and Maggie Haunted Halloween Special

The younger kids will be so entertained by this animated Halloween special, which comes in at just under an hour long. In Steve and Maggie’s haunted Halloween special, the titular hosts sing along to fan favorite Halloween songs like “Halloween Finger Family.” In between the silly songs, you can watch as Steve visits a haunted house, goes trick-or-treating, and carves a pumpkin. It’s honestly the perfect way to introduce younger kids to Halloween, especially if they’re a little apprehensive about all of those Halloween traditions.

Watch Steve and Maggie — Haunted Halloween Special, rated All.


Blippi and Friends: Halloween Special

The Blippi obsessed little ones in your home will love this Blippi and Friends: Halloween Special, which comes in at the same length of your average kid’s film. This Halloween themed compilation features all of your favorite people like Blippi and his friends, Morphle, ARPO the Robot, and Gecko’s Garage. Blippi gets to go to the pumpkin playground, while others go trick-or-treating, and make Halloween ice cream.

Watch Blippi and Friends: Halloween Special, rated All.


The Mini Witch

A young adopted witch with a unique name, Fuschia, enrolls in a special witch school to learn magic to follow in her wizard dad’s footsteps. But against her father’s warning, she befriends a human boy named Tommy, who tells her of his uncle’s plans to destroy her school. It’s up to Fuschia to use her new magical powers to help save her town and forest from a developer.

Watch The Mini Witch, rated PG.


Four Enchanted Sisters

Four magical sisters, Marina, Flame, Flora, and Sky, were all gifted magical powers, reminiscent of the elements, on their 9th birthdays, making their magical circle more powerful than ever. But when their evil aunt is able to catch on to their success, she comes up with a plan to steal their pixie dust, which becomes a major problem.

Watch Four Enchanted Sisters, not rated.



If you’re a huge fan of magic and fantasy films, then this throwback movie from 1987 is perfect for your family. Willow tells the story of a farmer who plays a role in protecting a baby from a queen who wants to destroy the baby and take over the world. Sounds harsh, but this made up world and the use of magic makes it the perfect fantasy film for this Halloween season.

Watch Willow, rated PG.


Mummy I’m A Zombie

Dixie Grim is just your average teenage girl — who just so happened to be previously transformed into a zombie. After breaking up with her zombie boyfriend, and breaking off contact with her mummy friend, Dixie is trying to live a normal life with her friends. But the fate of the planet lies in Dixie’s hands when she fights to end a battle between the living and the dead while juggling her normal life at school.

Watch Mummy I’m A Zombie, rated 7+.


The Legend of Hallowaiian

Terror is rising on the Hawaiian islands in this Halloween themed, tropical animated film, which puts a twist on your average Halloween film. When three young friends uncover some ancient Hawaiian legends, they accidentally unleash a monster with a pineapple for a head, who wreaks havoc on the island. It’s up to these three friends to save their island and save the day before it is too late.

Watch The Legend of Hallowaiian, rated PG.


Home for Harvest

If Hallmark movies are on constant rotation in your home during the holidays, and your kids love sappy romance stories, then this autumnal themed romance is one movie you’ll want to turn on. Home For Harvest focuses on a travel writer, who is sent back to her hometown for the first time since leaving it years before, broken-hearted. While she’s home, she meets a new man who she can picture a future with, until her ex comes back and causes some serious trouble. While there might not be some specific Halloween scenes, the gorgeous fall scenery is enough to get you through this film.

Watch Home for Harvest, rated TV-PG.


You Cast A Spell On Me

Halloween is Sara’s favorite holiday. When her friend begs her to come to a Halloween party with her, she meets Matt, a mysterious stranger with whom she forms a magical connection with. Although the two do not exchange numbers with each other, they find that they’ve set a series of events in motion that will unknowingly change their lives in so many ways.

Watch You Cast A Spell On Me, not rated.


Arthur and the Haunted Tree House

If you loved the PBS Kids animated series, Arthur, growing up, then you’ll want to introduce your kids to this full length Arthur Halloween film. In Arthur and the Haunted Tree House, Francine meets an old woman with a very mysterious past while she is out trick-or-treating, Meanwhile, Binky finds himself in a haunted house while Muffy and Bailey decide to explore a questionable cemetery. Arthur and his best friend, Buster, also find that their treehouse seems to be haunted, which causes them to do some exploring.

Watch Arthur and the Haunted Tree House, rated G.


School Spirits

When Zoey gets uprooted from her Chicago home, she relocates to a small town filled with secrets, spooks, and ghosts. And when she finds something seriously mysterious going on in the school pool, she must struggle against a bad spirit to keep everyone in the town safe. No pressure, or anything, for someone in high school. If you’re looking for a zany teen adventure film that takes place during the Halloween season, this film is definitely the one for you.

Watch School Spirits, not rated.


The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

If you’re looking for a super fun film to watch this Halloween, then turn to The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, a film that will give you some serious inspiration for your kid’s next Halloween costume. While The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland isn’t a Halloween movie per se, it somehow feels seasonally appropriate, thanks to all of the songs and colors. In this super fun film, Elmo falls to the bottom of Oscar the Grouch’s trashcan, where he finds himself in Grouchland — a far away land full of grouches and garbage. It’s up to Elmo to use his bravery to escape.

Watch The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, rated G.


CoComelon and Friends Halloween Special

While this special only comes in at 30 minutes long, your little ones who are obsessed with CoComelon will thank you for putting this on. Trust me. In this spooky Halloween special, CoComelon and Little Baby Bum characters introduce new songs, tricks, and treats while teaching preschoolers about letters, numbers, and colors. Think of this special as a little educational and a whole lot of fun for the youngest crowd.

Watch CoComelon and Friends Halloween Special, rated all.