Hannah Waddingham holding a cardboard purse made by her daughter.
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Hannah Waddingham's Daughter Made Her Purse Out Of Cardboard & We Agree, It's "Epic"

The most heartfelt look at the SAG Awards, by far.

When Ted Lasso’s Hannah Waddingham hit the 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards, she was carrying the requisite high-fashion clutch purse like so many other celebrities. Unlike pretty much any other celebrity, however, Waddingham’s purse was fully made out of cardboard. And made by hand by her very own daughter.

Waddingham arrived at the SAG Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday wearing a gorgeous off-the-shoulder deep red gown with a thigh split, it was all very retro and glamorous. But the cherry on the top of the entire outfit was the cardboard clutch her 9-year-old daughter made for her, especially in Waddingham’s opinion.

“My daughter wanted to contribute, so she’s made me a bag,” the proud mom said on Netflix’s red carpet preshow of her 9-year-old daughter’s unique and beautiful creation. She even went on to show off the craftsmanship, in particular the fact that her daughter had written “epic” on the bag.

While the Emmy award-winning actress admitted that she loved the glamour of awards season, she said one thing topped all of it, “This is all great but this [being is a mom] is the most important.”

Michael Buckner/Variety/Getty Images

Waddingham’s 9-year-old daughter Kitty, who she co-parents with ex-partner Gianluca Cugnetto, has long been a driving force in her mother’s work life. Kitty used to go to work with her mom when she was a baby, and indeed Waddingham was especially excited to take on her iconic role as AFC Richmond owner Rebecca Welton because it was only 30 minutes away from her home. Making it easier to spend as much time as possible with her daughter.

“I had a two-hour chemistry read with Jason [Sudeikis],” she told People in 2023, “and I asked, 'Where are you shooting?' He said 'Richmond.' I said 'Virginia?' And he went, 'Richmond in England.' In that moment, I just thought, 'please bring me this role.’”

More recently, Waddingham took on the role of Mother Witch in Hocus Pocus 2 in 2022 for her daughter. When considering the cameo, where Waddingham’s character inspires the young Sanderson Sisters to become witches themselves, the proud mom explained in an interview with The Zoe Report, “I did it for my daughter, who is obsessed with the original.”

Kitty might be obsessed with Hocus Pocus, but we’re obsessed with her purse designs. And so is her mom.