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These Memes Of Prince Louis & The Rest Of The Royal Fam At The Coronation Are Too Good

The Force is strong with Charlotte and Louis.

King Charles’ coronation was a terribly solemn, historic event. The former Prince of Wales was taken by gold coach to Westminster Abbey to be crowned as King Charles III after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II last September. People lined the rainy streets of London to watch the first coronation in seven decades, to see the entire royal family out in full force to support the new monarch. But let’s be honest; mostly we were all in it for all the memes coming out of the coronation, particularly memes about the royal kids. We just can’t get enough.

All three of the Wales children, 9-year-old Prince George, 8-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 5-year-old Prince Louis, were on hand to see their grandfather, as well as Queen Camilla, be crowned on Saturday, and for the most part they were on their best behavior. Even little Prince Louis, unfortunately. But there were still plenty of meme-worthy moments throughout the coronation, particularly with Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte.

Their coronation outfits, for example, had people thinking about Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker from the original Star Wars trilogy, and once you see it you can’t unsee it.

Another meme noted the similarity to Prince Louis’ coronation outfit and Skywalker’s jedi training look, leaving us wondering if this could be his future vocation. The hair and the face certainly helped the comparison.

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte holding hands at Westminster Abbey, not to mention Princess Charlotte’s white dress and very Leia-like braids, sealed the deal on that Star Wars analogy.

The Wales family caused the slightest of hiccups to the day’s events by arriving a bit after King Charles at the coronation, and the looks on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s faces on arrival looked familiar to any family who ever fought in the car on the way to an event.

Prince Louis, who has basically become his own royal meme generator, inspired a short video of his best moments on the balcony at Buckingham Palace including a slow clap, a dance, and a two-handed wave.

The Wales family weren’t the only ones to inspire memes. While the coronation is an ancient and solemn event, social media users couldn’t help poking gentle fun at some of the more ostentatious elements of King Charles’ ceremony. Especially when the newly crowned king held not one but two sceptres looking incredibly serious.

Another meme joked about King Charles’ gloves at the coronation, wondering if perhaps he might have something to take out of the oven after the day’s events.

Prince Harry’s appearance at the coronation after the release of his memoir Spare did not go unnoticed on social media either. One Twitter user even fiddled with an image from the coronation to make it look as though King Charles was reading a copy of Spare.

Another Twitter user wondered if Princess Anne’s coronation hat, topped with a red feather, was not chosen specifically to mar Prince Harry’s view of his father’s coronation.

Prince Harry’s brief visit to the U.K. for his father’s coronation was certainly a big deal, but ultimately no one could outshine Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. The Force is strong with them.

King Charles’ coronation was the first to happen during the era of memes, and people really showed up for the occasion serving their absolute best. May the Force be with all of us.