Hilary Duff's daughter Banks picked out a questionable birthday card.
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Hilary Duff's Daughter Picked Out A Hilariously Inappropriate Birthday Card For Her Mom

You never forget your first “Happy Birthday D*ckhead.”

Hilary Duff celebrated her 36th birthday on Sept. 28 and, as a mom of three, you know her kids wanted to do something special for her. Something personal and meaningful to let her know how much they truly cherish her as a mother. Like her 4-year-old daughter Banks, who went out of her way to choose a special birthday card for her mom with the precious message, “Happy Birthday Di*khead.” These are the moments to treasure, folks.

The Lizzie McGuire star’s husband, musician Matthew Koma, shared the card their little girl got for her mom’s birthday on his Instagram Story recently. Banks found a birthday card featuring a beautiful birthday cake on the front of it, with bright sprinkles and vanilla frosting. It looked delicious, so you can understand why she was drawn to it. The message, however, was less than delicious. “Happy Birthday Di*khead” was written in icing across the cake, and this was what Banks chose for her mother.

“Banks picked this out by herself for @hilaryduff. She can’t read yet,” Koma explained after the fact. And now we can’t stop picturing Duff, who is also mom to 11-year-old son Luca and 2-year-old daughter Mae, opening this card and reading the message.

Those acting skills of hers are going to come in handy if she hopes to keep a straight face.

Hilary Duff’s birthday card from Banks is a winner.Matthew Koma/Instagram

Duff shared Banks’ birthday card on her own Instagram Story along with a whole host of other loving messages from friends and family. And while we don’t know what her other two children gave her to celebrate her birthday, Banks’ card really must be hailed as a unique stand-out. Banks herself has long been known as a feisty little queen (remember when she told her soccer coach that her mom had diarrhea?) so the card really shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone.

The family has long embraced humor and individuality, as evidenced by their 2022 Christmas card where Koma and Duff were tied together by Christmas lights as their kids ate cupcakes and laughed. “All is not calm” the card read, which tracks for a household with three kids.

Holiday cards are fast becoming a family specialty in their household. Maybe they should let Banks take over the card buying from this day forward.