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'We Don't Talk About Bruno' Just Went #1 *In The Country*

🎶 We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no... 🎶

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We know we’re not supposed to talk about Bruno, but we can’t seem to help singing about him an awful lot these days. The song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, it is the Hamilton’s director first Hot 100 No. 1 and has been streamed almost 35 million times, Billboard reports. “Bruno” also features the most artists credited on a number one song.

According to Billboard, the last Disney song to strike Billboard gold like was “A Whole New World” from 1993’s Aladdin.

And, of course, once we start talking about Bruno, we start talking about the whole familia Madrigal and how much we love Encanto, and especially how much we love the music, written by none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda. On Jan. 21, Miranda went on Good Morning America to discuss the film’s genesis, success, and the burning question: Will there be an Encanto sequel?

If you haven’t seen the film yet, first of all, do so: it’s great. Secondly, you should know that it’s set in a magical, protected village in Colombia and tells the story of the loving, civic-minded, but somewhat dysfunctional Madrigal family, whose “miracle” founded not just their village haven but their sentient, architecturally impossible house, “Casita.” But their miracle didn’t stop there: as they grew, each member of the family was imbued with a special gift. Superhuman strength, shapeshifting, controlling the weather... every member of the family, that is, except Mirabel, our cheerful, plucky heroine. The story comes to life with sumptuous animation (OMG guys, you could spend all day just looking at all the characters’ hair!) and music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who, in addition to being the genius behind the Broadway hit, Hamilton, also wrote the songs for Disney’s Moana.

And, like the soundtrack for Moana, Encanto’s soundtrack is, truly, a bop (the score by Germaine Franco, also on the soundtrack is also *chef’s kiss*). Here’s how you can listen for yourself.

In Most Cases, A Subscription To A Streaming Service Is Your Best Bet

While the soundtrack is available on pretty much every popular streaming service you can imagine, most require a subscription or premium subscription. AKA: you’re going to have to pay. But! If you do have a subscription to Tidal, Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, and/or Deezer. You can also access the soundtrack if you have a premium subscription to Pandora.

You can listen to the Encanto soundtrack for free

You’ll just have to hear the occasional ad for the privilege. Spotify requires a subscription, but even an unpaid subscription will give you access to Spotify’s Encanto Official Play List. Similarly, YouTube, YouTube Music, and Walt Disney Record’s Soundcloud all have Official Encanto Play Lists, which you can access for free.

You can buy the soundtrack

The Encanto soundtrack is also available digitally and in “hard copy.” Download the complete soundtrack for $7.99 on iTunes or Amazon. If you’d like to kick it old school, you can pickup the CD from a variety of retailers, including Target, Walmart, and Amazon. If you want to kick it really old school you can preorder the vinyl (it’s having a moment, people, and we get it – records are satisfying) on Disney Music Emporium, as well as the aforementioned retailers ahead of its mid-April release.

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