Merry Christmas!

How To Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas In 2022

Here’s How To Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas This Holiday Season

Discover the true meaning of the holidays with the Peanuts gang!

Nothing will give you a warm fuzzy holiday feeling and that sweet nostalgia from your childhood quite like A Charlie Brown Christmas. The 1965 movie is the perfect antidote to the intense commercialism and perfectionism surrounding the winter holiday. So grab your homemade peppermint hot chocolate and watch Charlie Brown take on the role of director of the gang’s holiday play. While he might not win the battle to convince his friends that acting is more awesome than dancing, he’s still determined to find that best tree ever. With so many Christmas movies to choose from, you can’t go wrong with a classic. So here’s everything you need to know to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas in 2022.

You can stream A Charlie Brown Christmas on Apple TV+ all year long.

If you’re looking to wash down that yummy egg nog with a merry Charlie Brown holiday movie, Apple TV+ is your only option this holiday season. The streamer has exclusive rights to the special, but here’s the Christmas silver lining — it’s also treating Snoopy-lovers everywhere to a free viewing!

A Charlie Brown Christmas will stream for free for a limited time.

If you have a million different streaming subscriptions at this point and you promised yourself you’ve hit your limit, there’s still a way to watch your favorite Peanuts special. Apple TV+ announced that it will provide a special free window for non-subscribers to stream the iconic Christmas special available Dec. 22 through Dec. 25. Or if you’re tempted to add just one more absolute final subscription to your growing list, check out a free seven-day trial or opt into a paid subscription starting at $6.99 a month.

Stream ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ exclusively on Apple TV+ this holiday season.

Will A Charlie Brown Christmas air on TV in 2022?

We hate to be the bearer of such Bah Humbug news, but sadly, A Charlie Brown Christmas will not air on TV this year. In a recent tweet, PBS announced that it will no longer air any of the Peanuts specials. Just as Santa has exclusive rights to his reindeers and sleigh, so too Apple TV+ scooped up all the rights to all the Charlie Brown specials.

So if you’re considering taking a bite out of Apple TV+, the good news is that their Yuletide line-up is pretty grand, and they’ve expanded their holiday content to include I Want a Dog for Christmas and Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tales, too.

There are still other ways to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Even if you’re too busy last-minute gift-shopping to catch the window for the free viewing, you can still go old school if you have that DVD player collecting shelf in the attic. Amazon is currently selling the Peanuts holiday classic for $13.29. Best Buy also carries the 50th anniversary deluxe edition for $13.99.

And if none of those options sounds jolly or fits within your holiday budget, you can always head on over to YouTube and catch 10 (we repeat: 10!) straight hours of the legendary Charlie Brown Christmas Dance. Because that’s just how hardcore Peanuts fans can be.