James Van Der Beek posted a video to Instagram showing his six kids helping out with a food-shopping...
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James Van Der Beek Shares Video Of Epic Grocery Store Trip With All 6 Of His Kids

Spoiler alert: he nails this impossible mission!

If you think it’s challenging taking your kid to the grocery store, imagine taking six of them! Actor and father extraordinaire James Van Der Beek recently posted a video to social media of a gloriously efficient shopping trip with all of his adorable children in tow. And those Van Der Beek kids make quite the team at the checkout counter.

In a recent video posted to Instagram, Van Der Beek and his entire family chipped in to make their food shopping trip run smoothly and seem like a whole bunch of fun. Two of his very blonde daughters (one super-serious as she sucked on her paci) unloaded several shopping carts, while bags of apples and a lone avocado traveled down the conveyor belt. Meanwhile, the rest of Van Der Beek kids waited on the other end of the checkout and sat on the floor to help load tons of food and other household staples into a several boxes.

At the end of the video, Van Der Beek’s wife Kimberly popped into the frame with the newest member of the clan, 10-month-old Remi. Van Der Beek, the family videographer, made a quick appearance in his signature ponytail and aviator glasses, before he let out a celebratory: “wooo!”

“Teamwork makes the dream work. 😎,” he captioned the video with the perfect Instagram Reel soundtrack of the theme to the movie Mission Impossible.

The couple share 11-year-old Olivia, 10-year-old Joshua, 8-year-old Annabel, 6-year-old Emilia, 4-year-old Gwendolyn, and new baby Remi. They also recently celebrated 12 years of marriage and the Vampirina star wrote a pretty beautiful social media tribute.

“And that’s pretty much how it’s been with us: Surprising, a little illogical… and magical - in a way that could never have been conjured up independently… it’s always required us both,” Van Der Beek captioned part of the post.

“There’s no one I’d rather co-create a life with, no one be I’d rather wake up next to, and no one I’d rather be sick in an RV with 3,000 miles from home with six kids,” he continued.

The Van Der Beeks have been documenting their RV adventure on social media. And by the looks of their “This is fun!’ chanting on ATV rides—everyone is having a blast! Even Van Der Beek’s on-screen mom on Dawson’s Creek took the time to pop into the comments section to respond to their latest family shopping video. “Safe travels home 🚙😘😘,” wrote Mary-Margaret Humes like a worried IRL mom might do.

Whether at home or hitting the open road, Van Der Beek really has this dad thing down. He’s incredibly supportive of his wife, contributes to the household responsibilities, proudly rocks a pink manicure, has expertly demonstrated how to use an eco-friendly sippy cup for ulterior parenting purposes, and even has a color-coded system warning system to alert his kids when he’s had it. The only question remaining before solidifying his status as the world’s perfect father of six: can Van Der Beek cook, too?

Considering the ruffled floral apron that his daughter picked out for Father’s Day — all signs point to a resounding and unsurprising yes.