Jamie Lynn Spears is a mom of two.
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Jamie Lynn Spears' Daughters Will Both Have Cameos In Zoey 102

It’s a “full circle moment” for the mom of two.

Jamie Lynn Spears is bringing an iconic character back to our screens with Zoey 102 on Paramount+ on July 27. It’s been 15 years since her Nickelodeon series Zoey 101 ended, right around the time she welcomed her first child, in fact. Life has changed significantly for the country singer since the end of her original series. Now she’s a married mom of two, focused on her family. Here’s what else you need to know.

Jamie Lynn Spears welcomed her daughter Maddie when she was 17.

Spears was just 16 years old when she announced that she was expecting her first child, her now 15-year-old daughter Maddie, in 2008 with her now-ex Casey Aldridge. Her pregnancy sparked controversy in the media at the time, controversy that made the young mom’s life difficult. But she persevered for love of her daughter.

“I can remember about 15-16 years ago, when every headline around world was telling me that I was a failure, everything I worked my whole life for would be gone, and I had ruined my whole life, bc I was young girl who got pregnant, & decided to keep my baby,” Spears wrote in a 2022 post reflecting on that time of her life. “I accepted every awful thing said about me as the truth, my only wish was to be left alone to raise my baby in peace and so I did just that.”

She married Jamie Watson in 2014.

Jamie Lynn Spears married in 2014.Jamie Lynn Spears/Instagram

As the younger sister of Britney Spears and a star in her own right, Jamie Lynn Spears found it refreshing when she met businessman Jamie Watson. He admitted in the TLC special Jamie Lynn Spears: When The Lights Go Out that he didn’t even know who she was when he met her through mutual friends, and the two married in New Orleans in 2014. Actually, the three married, as Watson made it clear that he took his role as stepdad to Maddie very seriously.

“Just seeing the way he was with Maddie and the way he just fit right in — it wasn't like I ever had to tell him anything. Their relationship is so sweet,” Spears told People in 2018. “He's the kind of dad that every little girl deserves to have. When I saw that, I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is the man I love.' You fall in love with the people who fall in love with the people you love.”

Maddie nearly drowned in 2017.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter was in a terrifying accident.Jamie Lynn Spears/Instagram

When Maddie was 8 years old, she nearly died in an ATV accident on the family’s property. The vehicle she was riding flipped over and was completely submerged in a pod, causing her to nearly drown. “We dove in and we were able to rescue her,” Spears told People, recalling the accident years later. “When we were finally able to get her out of the water ... and the first responders took [her] from me, we thought she was gone. We thought we lost our daughter.” Fortunately Maddie recovered, but it was a difficult time for the whole family.

Daughter Ivey Joan joined the family in 2018.

Jamie Lynn Spears welcomed daughter Ivey in 2018.Jamie Lynn Spears/Instagram

Watson and Spears welcomed daughter Ivey Joan in 2018, making Maddie a big sister. “Her middle name, Joan, is to honor my Aunt Sandra, who passed away 10 years ago from ovarian cancer. She was the most graceful woman I've ever known,” the mom of two said at the time.

Her daughters both have cameos on Zoey 102.

Spears celebrated a “full circle moment” when both of her daughters had a cameo in the upcoming movie Zoey 102, as she told Access Hollywood in a recent interview. “They make a little cameo. That was important to me, it was also a full circle moment,” she said.

After leaving the show as a young teen mom, what a lovely experience to have both of her daughters on set with her.