Jessa Duggar Reveals She's Pregnant With Her 5th Child

“Our rainbow baby is on the way.”

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are preparing to become parents of five. The reality star took to her YouTube channel recently to tell her fans that she and her husband were preparing to go on a romantic getaway for the first time in four years. And that oh yes, they are also expecting their fifth baby together.

“After a heartbreaking loss of our baby last year, just this past week we found out some wonderful news that our rainbow baby is on the way, and we could not be more excited,” the 30-year-old former Counting On star said in her video announcement entitled, “A Baby On The Way & Romantic Getaway!” She went on to share a photo of a pregnancy test sitting on the counter with the message “God is so kind. We’re so thankful for this gift of precious life.”

In February, Jessa announced that she and her husband Ben had suffered a miscarriage, sharing a video of their journey as the couple discovered they had lost their baby during an ultrasound. “We were just sitting there holding hands and crying, like, ‘what do we do from here,’” Jessa explained at the time. “I feel like in some ways missed miscarriages can be so jarring because you don’t have clear signs of something going wrong. I had minimal spotting for 24 hours, and that was it.”

Seven months later, Jessa and Ben are getting ready to expand their family with their precious rainbow baby. But not before heading out on a romantic getaway. The timing couldn’t be better for their getaway, of course. Jessa’s mom Michelle Duggar offered to care for their four children, 7-year-old Spurgeon, 6-year-old Henry, 4-year-old Ivy, and 2-year-old Fern. Adding a fifth baby to the childcare roster might be a tougher sell, even for a woman who fully birthed 19 children herself.

The busy mom’s followers were quick to offer their congratulations on the baby and the well-timed getaway. “Sooooo glad y'all got a breather!!! Those mini vacays are so rejuvenating! !” wrote one social media user while another added, “I had a feeling Jessa and Ben were expecting [a] rainbow baby! Congratulations on baby #5! Wonderful news!”

No word on when the baby is due or the baby’s sex, perhaps because this young couple were so excited to get a kid-free holiday they simply needed to focus on that for a moment. We can’t blame them.