Kailyn Lowry's son Lincoln travels with his dad.
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Kailyn Lowry Was Asked If Her Kids Get “Jealous” When Lincoln Travels With His Dad

“I always hype it up for him and get excited with him.”

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As a mom of five kids with twins on the way, Teen Mom OG’s Kailyn Lowry is the first to admit that she faces some unique challenges. It’s a lot of energy in the house, for one thing, and because her children don’t all share the same dad, they often have different experiences with their other parent. Including the chance to travel the world like her 10-year-old son Lincoln does with his dad Javi Marroquin. So how does Lowry explain Lincoln’s exotic travels to his brothers? She makes it all about celebrating his journey.

Lowry took to Instagram on Wednesday evening to host a Q&A session with her followers, and one fan asked whether or not her other kids get “jealous/resentful” when her 10-year-old son Lincoln travels with his dad Javi Marroquin. Lowry is also mom to 13-year-old Isaac with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera, 6-year-old son Lux and 3-year-old son Creed with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez, and 1-year-old son Rio with boyfriend Elijah Scott, and is currently expecting twins with Scott as well. When it comes to Lincoln’s travels and how his brothers might feel about it, Lowry explained on Instagram that she keeps the focus on Lincoln’s experience first and foremost.

“I always hype it up for him and get excited with him,” the podcast host said. “I have worried about adulthood and whether or not it’ll be realistic/sustainable for him (Lincoln) in the future but that’s just life in general! I hope he gets to see the world and experience everything in this life as long as possible.”

Marroquin often takes to Instagram to share his travel adventures with Lincoln and his girlfriend Lauren Comeau, as well as their 5-year-old son Eli. It’s a special experience for Lincoln, and while he doesn’t share that experience with his brothers, it’s lovely that Lowry celebrates and supports his adventures and hopefully models the same for her other kids.

Meanwhile, Lincoln certainly has his own adventures at home with Lowry and the rest of his family. Like getting ready to welcome new twin siblings, a brother and a sister. Lincoln was especially emotional during Lowry’s recent gender reveal when she shared that one of the twins was a girl. He started to cry, he was so excited. Because this kid appreciates all sorts of different adventures.

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