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Kailyn Lowry Welcomes Twins With Boyfriend Elijah Scott

The former Teen Mom star talked about her c-section birth on her podcast.

Teen Mom OG star Kailyn Lowry has welcomed Babies #6 and #7 with her boyfriend Elijah Scott. The couple confirmed the new family members on Kailyn’s Barely Famous podcast on January 19, where they shared their birth story and their thoughts about growing their family in the future. The new additions — a sixth boy and a girl — join Kailyn’s older children, Isaac, 14; Lincoln, 10; Lux, 6; Creed, 3; and Rio, 14 months.

“I’m in my Girl Mom era,” Lowry joked with her boyfriend on the latest episode of her podcast. She explained that the twins arrived five weeks early approximately six weeks ago. They are now both home after stays in the NICU. She’ went into labor spontaneously, but because one of her babies was breech she knew she would have to have a c-section, her first after five previous births. She shared that she felt underprepared and overwhelmed about the surgery, and was immediately nervous upon entering the OR.

“There were so many people there, it was like my episode of 16 & Pregnant,” she said. “So... PTSD.” She concluded that she “I hated every minute of it— wouldn't recommend it to anyone.”

Lowry with three of her seven children.Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While Lowry noted that she was feeling better about a week after her c-section, looking back she knows she “should have rested.” While doing housework, she actually re-opened her incision, but didn’t feel it because she’d lost feeling below her belly button after a previous cosmetic procedure. What she thought was water from the dishwasher turned out to be blood and she had to go to the ER.

Lowry also shared that during her c-section, she had her fallopian tubes removed to permanently prevent future pregnancies. Seven kids is “crazy,” she notes, even though at the moment she says things don’t feel too overwhelming since three of the seven are currently not walking. While there’s a bittersweetness to knowing her family is as it will be from here on out, she says she doesn’t regret the experience and “feels done.” So too, apparently, does Scott, who shared that he would be going in for a vasectomy as well to ensure their family plans remain as they are.

Lowry promises that the next episode of her podcast will talk about the twins’ NICU experience, but until then congratulations to the family!