Britain's Catherine, Princess of Wales holds the hand of a baby as she meets with health visitors at...

Kate Middleton Told A Baby "Well Done" After Letting Out A Big Burp & There's Video

Well done, indeed!

It’s official. There’s truly nothing a baby could ever do to upset the Princess of Wales. Not even letting out a big burp during an official royal engagement. This mom of three is such a sucker for babies that she’ll let anything slide. Although one wonders how she would have felt about vomit. Fortunately we did not find out.

Kate Middleton recently visited Riversley Park Children’s Centre in Nuneaton and met with parents and children who were taking part in a new field study, funded by The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, a charitable endeavor she has championed as co-patron for several years. Middleton was in fine form as she greeted a bunch of little ones all lined up to meet her, doling out high fives judiciously. When she went inside the facility to meet with parents and babies, she was chatting with a mom when 10-week-old Raphael Pickering, who was being bounced on his mother’s knee, let out a burp right beside Her Royal Highness.

In video footage of the moment, Middleton stops what she was doing, turns to Raphael and says, “Well done you!” After everyone laughed Middleton said, “It’s always really reassuring, you spend ages trying to make that happen.”

It bears noting that Middleton, who is mom to 9-year-old Prince George, 8-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 5-year-old Prince Louis, was also holding hands with 9-month-old baby Talia the entire time.

Raphael’s mother told GB News after the fact, “I thought he was going to be sick, I thought 'please don't vomit on the princess', but luckily it was only a burp.” She also noted that she would wait until her baby boy’s 18th birthday to tell him about the incident.

Middleton has a long and storied history of being at her absolute best whenever babies are hanging around at a royal engagement. Earlier this month, she went to a baby massage class and gushed about how much she loved “squidgy” baby legs, and let’s never forget how often she talks about getting broody for another baby. So often that husband Prince William, who is perhaps not quite as broody, has joked about getting babies away from her in case she gets any ideas.

While plenty of people have speculated that all this broodiness could spell another baby for the couple, it’s also possible that Middleton just thinks babies are funny. Especially when they are burping. Because they are.