Keke Palmer's baby boy made his red carpet debut.
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Keke Palmer's 2-Month-Old Son Leo Made His Red Carpet Debut & He's So Stinkin' Cute

That tiny jacket! Those little shoes!

Keke Palmer’s life is all about her family these days no matter what she’s doing. Even when she is hitting the red carpet for her new short film Big Boss, Palmer wants to have her family with her. And that family includes baby boy Leodis “Leo” Andrellton, who made his fancy little red carpet debut alongside Palmer and his dad Darius Jackson looking adorable as could be.

Palmer attended the Atlanta Film Festival wearing an incredible cheetah-print body suit alongside Jackson in a black t-shirt and jeans to a screening of Big Boss, a 40-minute short film about her experience in the music industry that she wrote, directed, and stars in. Palmer and Jackson were joined by their 3-month-old son Leo, who took after his mom with his occasion dressing by donning a chic black jacket with his name written across the back with some white sneakers. Palmer took to Instagram to share an appreciation post for her big night at the festival, where she was also awarded the Ossie Davis award for creative excellence in film, television, and music.

Keke Palmer with her son Leo and her partner Darius Jackson at a screening of Big Boss during the 2023 Atlanta Film Festival.Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Mostly, though, she was simply ecstatic to have her baby boy with her. “So happy that my LO was able to attend,” she captioned an Instagram post featuring a photo of Leo sleeping on her chest. “Being with him is all that’s ever on my mind. He is also my bbl doctor because honey this body???! Don’t talk to me. I’m different now! I’s a woman hahahahahaha.”

Palmer has been appreciating her postpartum body quite a bit since giving birth to baby Leo. So much so that she fully thanked him for her changed body in an Instagram video where she said, “Last time I talked to y’all. I was letting y’all know that my son cleared my skin up. My skin is still skinning. And now I’m about to let y’all know that he gave me something else.” She panned down to show off her postpartum curves and proudly said, “B-b-b-body! Get into it, get into it. 'Cause period, period, period, period, period, period.”

That was three weeks ago, and it doesn’t sound like anything has changed for her. Life with Leo keeps getting better. Especially now that she can take him out for a glam night on the red carpet.