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Kris Jenner Said She’ll Go “Broke” If She Repeats This “Mistake” With All 13 Grandkids

She famously thinks fast food burgers cost $300.

Kris Jenner wants to spend more one-on-one time with her 13 grandchildren, but is a little concerned about the hit her bank account might take. The Kardashians star admitted in a recent interview that she really wants to take all of her grandkids out for dinner once a month and spoil them with gifts, but there are simply so many of them that she would go “broke.”

The mom of six, who is fabulously called “Lovey” by her grandchildren, spoke at Los Angeles Magazine’s The L.A. Woman Luncheon last week and opened up about her relationship with her 13 grandchildren. “I often say to myself that I really should be the kind of grandmother that takes my grandchild to dinner, like once a month,” Jenner said at the luncheon, per the Daily Mail. “Like really get to know your grandchild and see what’s happening in school and all this stuff. And I thought if I did that, that would take half a month, just to go out to dinner with my grandkids.”

It wasn’t just the time it would take, although anyone who has watched The Kardashians knows the 68-year-old momager keeps a super tight schedule. It’s also about the financial investment she might take herself into.

“I think I did make a little mistake because I took Mason out to dinner, and I was in a really good mood,” Jenner recalled at the event about a dinner she had with her oldest grandson. “I probably had a vodka or something, I don’t know I wasn't driving.” Considering she had a daily 5:00 vodka habit when she was raising her own children, we believe it. “But we met at dinner because he likes to go have sushi and I was like, ‘Listen if you don’t drink or do drugs until you’re 16, and you can prove it — you know it involves testing and all sorts of stuff — I will buy you a car for your 16th birthday.”

Jenner realized that, if she kept promising cars at these grandchildren dinners, she’s going to go be spending a nice chunk of cash. “I realized that I have to do that 13 times. I’m going broke!” she said. And of course, Jenner also famously thinks fast food burgers cost around $300, which we learned when she went to In-N-Out with her daughters on an episode of The Kardashians, so no wonder she thinks these dinners could bankrupt her.