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Kristen Bell Reveals Gash Caused By Daughter’s “Sharp Buck Teeth” In Jiu Jitsu Match

Never a dull moment in the Bell-Shepard household.

Kristen Bell and her 8-year-old daughter Delta are not fooling around when it comes to jiu jitsu. The mother-daughter duo recently tried a little sparring and things must have gotten a bit out of hand, because The Good Place star sustained a small injury on her nose from the altercation. Also from her daughter’s “big, sharp buck teeth.”

Bell, who shares Delta and 10-year-old daughter Lincoln with husband Dax Shepard, has been practicing jiu jitsu with her daughter to help her socially. “I started taking mother-daughter jiu jitsu classes last year with Cesalina Gracie, our trainer, who is the closest physical representation to Wonder Woman you’ve ever seen,” Bell told Real Simple back in February. “I could break your arm.”

Sure, she might be able to break your arm. But what can Delta do? Apparently she’s not above getting in her shots even if it means injuring her mom’s money-making face. Bell proudly displayed her injured nose on Instagram on Tuesday with the caption, “Minor jujitsu injury…took some teeth to the nose. Will recover. You should see the other guy!!!! (she is 8, the fruit of my loins, and has big, sharp, buck teeth.)”

The injury doesn’t appear as though it will be enough to stop Bell and her daughter from going back for more, especially since she noted that the experience has been a real bonding experience for the two of them. “It’s been a ton of growth for both me and my daughter, who was struggling socially before we started, and has come so far and is doing things that just make my heart explode,” Bell told Real Simple. “She stopped a fight on the yard at her school! It’s kind of phenomenal.”

If getting bested in jiu jitsu by her 8-year-old daughter isn’t enough to keep Bell grounded, perhaps all of those insults her daughters hurl at her will keep her from getting too full of herself. Whenever she comes home feeling “elegant and fancy,” Bell told E! News in November, her daughters make sure to bring her back to reality. “The amount of insults that they can hurl at me in a very short period of time,” she said, “it really brings me back down to earth. I come home and they will just, they’ll pull the rug out from under you so quickly.”

Now she can keep a weather eye out for jiu jitsu moves on top of the insults. Never a dull moment in her household.