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Kristen Bell Got Super Winded Trying To Ride Her Daughter's Scooter Home From School

“Why am I so out of breath? I’ve ridden two blocks.”

We’ve all seen kids heading off to school on their scooters. They make it look so easy, all shiny-faced and happy in their helmets as they glide along the sidewalk. Well it’s definitely not as easy as it looks, at least according to Kristen Bell. The mom of two was super out of breath in a recent Instagram post as she asked people what the “scooter protocol” was after doing school drop-off. Because whatever she decided to do, it definitely didn’t seem like it was working for her.

Bell, who shares 10-year-old daughter Lincoln and 9-year-old daughter Delta with husband Dax Shepard, shared a video of herself on Instagram as she was on her way home from dropping her daughter off at school. “She rode her scooter,” The Good Place star explained in the video while gasping for breath, “I tried to ride it home. And ah.... not as expected.”

The mom of two went on to wonder, “Why am I so out of breath? I’ve ridden two blocks. Why do they not get this out of breath when they ride their scooters?”

After pointing out that she’s in “average, maybe slightly above average, shape,” she rated the workout to get home on her daughter’s scooter, “10 out of 10. My glutes are shaking.” The level of difficulty she experienced had Bell wondering if parents are actually supposed to be riding the scooters home. “Are we playing it cool? Take the helmet off, just carry the scooter? What’s the protocol here?”

To be fair to Bell, she pointed out in the caption that her family “normally drive to school… what is the scooter protocol?!?!” So how could she have known she was in for a serious workout?

Fortunately for Bell, her followers did offer some actual helpful tips. “If you do carry it home, make sure you fold it or you will feel the spin of doom to your shins. It will make you cry every time, but you’ll never learn…” wrote one follower, while another added, “Definitely keep that helmet on incase you pass out but, ya carry that thing!”

One fan suggested, “Bring your car with you and let the kid ride the scooter and you follow them to school.” This one might not be all that realistic, but still. Bell was in people’s thoughts. Indeed, one parent who’s been in her shoes said, “My kids’ school has scooter & bike parking and we leave them at school until pickup!”

One more thanked Bell for the exercise tip. “Ohhh thanks for the workout idea! If you see me gasping for air while riding my 7 year old’s rainbow-wheel scooter, MIND YA BUSINESS.”

Her daughters might expect Bell to be in better shape, what with all of their shared jiu jitsu training. But I guess nothing really prepares a person for a child’s scooter ride. Lesson learned, for us all.