Kylie Jenner & Stormi Making Grinch Cupcakes Will Make Your Heart Grow 3 Times

You'll be green with envy when you see this ridiculously adorable video

The sweetest mother-daughter duo are back at it again. Kylie Jenner made cupcakes with Stormi in a new video posted to her YouTube channel, and it's too adorable for words.

Jenner and her 2-year-old daughter Stormi whipped up some festive Grinch-themed cupcakes while wearing matching pajamas in honor of hew newest Kylie Cosmetics collaboration with The Grinch. "We're making cupcakes?!," Stormi asks in the video. That's exactly what they did.

The little girl was super helpful in the kitchen, helping her mom by cracking eggs and putting ingredients into the bowl. But Stormi was most helpful in giving Jenner compliments and saying sweet things to her throughout the video. "You got this mommy," she says in the video as Jenner makes the Grinch's "hair" with frosting. "You're so beautiful," she tells Jenner at another point.

Although the little girl told her mom she "didn't know" what her favorite part in The Grinch movie is, she did agree that the waffles in the movie and the Grinch's dog Max were some highlights from the film. Even Stormi pointed out that "Cindy Lou Who likes waffles." While Stormi did not reveal what she wants for Christmas or how they plan on celebrating the holiday, it's likely that they will probably end up baking some more sweet and festive treats.

Jenner and Stormi are becoming a dynamic duo in the kitchen. It's hard to believe that it's been a year since they filmed their first cooking video where they baked cookies for Santa. Stormi looks so much younger in the video but still has the same love of snacking while she works. And just last month, they filmed another adorable cookie baking video for Jenner's YouTube channel, where Stormi got very creative with sprinkles.

Jenner's love of cooking and baking has been well documented on social media over the past few years. She loves baking so much she even has a special cupcake decorating cabinet, which she showed off on social media in April, according to Us Weekly. It only makes sense that Stormi is adopting her mom's love of baking now, too.