Jason Kelce surprised a young Eagles fan.
Lisa Lake/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kylie Kelce Slyly Recorded Jason Surprising A Young Eagles Fan & The Video Is So Sweet

The look on his face was priceless.

Jason and Kylie Kelce are currently in London to catch Taylor Swift’s Eras tour with brother Travis Kelce, and of course they are doing what everyone does while traveling. Walking around, seeing the sights, doing the touristy things. Like seeing a young Philadelphia Eagles fan wearing Jason’s jersey number and going up to surprise him while Kylie filmed the entire sweet exchange. You know, the typical tourist stuff we all do.

The New Heights podcast host was filmed walking around the streets of London by his wife Kylie earlier this week when he happened to see a young man wearing a Philadelphia Eagles jersey. An Eagles jersey with Kelce’s own number 62, in fact. So what did the dad of three do when he saw him? Walked right on over, tapped him on the shoulder, and surprised him.

The look on the kid’s face, caught on film by Kylie, was priceless. He looked shocked and delighted as he shook the retired NFL player’s hand and posed with him for a selfie. As Jason Kelce grinned and put his arm around him, the young boy’s mouth hung open in shock. His own father posted Kylie’s video on X with the message, “Just wanna say a massive thank you to @JasonKelce if we did not already know it what a legend you are and for your wife to record it. We will be forever greatful for this interaction, even the shock it caused.”

Jason and Kylie Kelce, who are parents to 4-year-old daughter Wyatt, 3-year-old daughter Elliotte, and 1-year-old daughter Bennett, have a bit more time on their hands for these interactions now that he has retired from football. Especially since this summer marks the first time Jason hasn’t been in training for the next season in years. “We’ll get into a little bit more of a routine and we’ll be right back to our normal fall chaos,” Kylie told Romper earlier this month.

Until they fall back into their normal chaos, the couple seem to be enjoying their vacation in London. Jason Kelce’s swapping friendship bracelets with little kids at the Eras concert. He’s out there meeting royalty, rubbing elbows with Prince William and his two oldest children.

As for Kylie Kelce, she’s enjoying some behind-the-scenes fun as so often seems to be her way. Like filming a sweet interaction between her husband and a young fan on a sunny day. We’re here for it.