Jason Kelce swapped friendship bracelets with a little girl at Eras tour.
Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Jason Kelce Held A Beer With His Teeth While Swapping Eras Tour Friendship Bracelets

From his ears to his arms, he was dripping with friendship bracelets.

Jason Kelce, dad of three daughters, absolutely understood the assignment when he joined younger brother Travis at Taylor Swift’s Eras tour stop at London’s Wembley Stadium. Not only did he load himself up with as many friendship bracelets as possible, he also looked pleased as punch to swap bracelets with a young fan. Because this is what Taylor Swift told us we should do, and he is nothing if not a Swiftie who gets it.

The former Philadelphia Eagles center appeared to be enjoying Swift’s concert alongside his brother, and notably Swift’s Instagram official boyfriend, Travis on Friday. In a video shared on social media, a young girl was seen asking Travis Kelce if he would like to swap friendship bracelets, a quintessential moment for all Taylor Swift concertgoers throughout the Eras tour. While Travis turned her down, he recommended she ask his brother. To be fair to Travis, he only appeared to have a few tasteful friendship bracelets on his wrist and perhaps didn’t feel like he had extra to share.

Not like Jason Kelce. Friendship bracelets lined his arms and hung from his ears, so naturally he gripped his plastic cup of beer in his teeth and called the little girl over to trade friendship bracelets. Because he’s a dad of three girls, and definitely understands how much it would mean to the young fan. Also he looked pretty jazzed to be swapping bracelets himself. He’s probably trying to get a collection going for his daughters at home.

Jason Kelce’s daughters, 4-year-old Wyatt, 3-year-old Elliotte, and 1-year-old Bennett, all of whom he shares with wife Kylie Kelce, are hopefully going to be the recipients of all those friendship bracelets. Because they are arguably too young to join their dad at this concert, and Wyatt at least is well on her way to becoming a bona fide Swiftie. Her dad admitted during a taping of New Heights, the podcast he hosts with brother Travis, that Wyatt’s favorite Taylor Swift song is “Shake It Off,” a favorite she shares with Travis Kelce himself.

Will young Wyatt be appeased by all of those friendship bracelets her dad is going to bring home? Or will he keep them all for himself? Something tells me that we will be seeing Wyatt at a Taylor Swift concert some time down the road. Where she’ll be able to collect friendship bracelets for herself.