Kylie Jenner shared the intimate details of Kris Jenner's role in Strormi's birth.
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Kylie Jenner Reveals That Her Mom Kris Basically Delivered Stormi

The momager truly does it all!

Everyone knows the Kardashian daughters are super close to their momager Kris Jenner, but you might not know just how close. In a recent guest spot on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Kylie and Kris sat down for a joint interview and shared some pretty intimate details about the birth of the youngest Jenner’s daughter Stormi.

The mother-daughter duo hit the interview couch together to promote an upcoming episode of their reality show that features the birth of Kylie’s son. Of course the Jenner ladies were dressed to the nines with Kylie rocking a red dress and Kris dressed in a black and white suit practically built for a momager. When Corden jokingly asked the mom of two if Kris was a good doula and brought the wine, Kylie responded with some better tea than her own TV show: “You know she delivered my first child. Fully took my baby out of the vagina.”

After Corden poked some fun at the mother of six and grandmother of 12 for possibly donning some Dolce & Gabanna in the actual delivery room, Kris was quick to take credit for her doctorly duties: “I scrubbed up, and I pulled that baby out of my child,” she proudly added.

Kylie has been opening up about a lot these days. She recently shared that her postpartum journey has come with a ton of tears. “I should be really happy right now, I just had this new baby, but I cried nonstop for, like, three weeks,” the new mom shared.

As if adding a new baby to the family she shares with Travis Scott weren’t enough, Jenner has also been having some relatable feelings about her eldest child growing up a little too fast.

Luckily for Kylie, Kris always supports her daughters. When Corden asked what Kris was like in the delivery room, Kylie had nothing but great things to say about her incredibly experienced mom. “She’s really great. She’s calm. She’s had six kids. And I wouldn’t want to have anyone else by my side.”

And if you’re wondering what Kris’ drink of choice might be to celebrate the birth of her grandbabies, Corden was wondering too.

“And always a glass of wine while it’s happening?” Corden asked.

“Or a martini,” the momager revealed.

Classic Kris. Even after delivering her own grandkid in the hospital, the power suit-loving matriarch comes through with a power cocktail too.