Lady Gaga responded to pregnancy rumors.
Andrew Toth/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Lady Gaga Just Addressed Those Pregnancy Rumors By Quoting Taylor Swift

“Not pregnant — just down bad cryin’ at the gym.”

One of the more upsetting cliches that continues to rear its ugly head on social media is the pregnancy rumor mill. How many celebrities have had to deal with strangers openly discussing their bodies and their reproductive decisions? Lady Gaga is the most recent celebrity to be caught up in this cycle, and she decided to address the rumors in a way that worked for her. By quoting Taylor Swift, and reminding people to vote. Because she is Lady Gaga and she gets to do whatever she wants.

Rumors about “The Shallows” singer began after photos of her attending her sister Natali Germanotta’s wedding last month circulated online. In the photos, the singer was seen in a black dress with her hands somewhere near her stomach and, apparently, that was enough for the social media rumor mill to go wild with speculation that she was expecting her first child.

For several weeks, Gaga, who has been in a relationship with Michael Polansky since 2020, ignored the rumors and just lived her life as she has always done. But on Tuesday, she decided to go ahead and address them.

“Not pregnant -- just down bad cryin’ at the gym register to vote at www.headcount.org,” Gaga captioned a TikTok video that has since obviously gone viral, mouthing along to an audio that said, “I don’t have to find an aesthetic; I am the aesthetic. I mean, I’m sure there’s somebody out here right now who is going into Pinterest trying to type up all these adjectives to describe me.” Taylor Swift fans will know that “down bad cryin’ at the gym” is a reference to Swift’s song “Down Bad” from her Tortured Poets Department album.

Perhaps even better, Gaga used that unsubstantiated rumor to get out the vote, which she also did on Twitter. “Not pregnant… REGISTER TO VOTE or check if you’ve already registered EASILY at http://headcount.org.”

Lady Gaga did open up in 2020 that she is “excited” to become a mom someday, telling InStyle at the time, “I will say I am very excited to have kids. I look forward to being a mom,” the 38-year-old singer told the magazine. “Isn’t incredible what we can do? We can hold a human inside and grow it. Then it comes out, and it’s our job to keep it alive. It’s so funny — everyone works out of my house every day. When they come in, I always say, ‘Welcome to the womb!’”

She’s just not saying “welcome to the womb” to a baby right now.