'Love Is Blind's Jessica talks about scheduled breakdowns.

Love Is Blind's Jessica Admits Her Daughter Never Saw Her Cry Before The Show

“Your breakdowns have to be scheduled. You can’t just have a moment in the middle of the day.”

[Warning: spoilers ahead for Season 6 of Love Is Blind on Netflix.]

Jessica Vatel made history on Season 6 of Love Is Blind as the first single mom to ever try to find love in the pods on the show. Anyone who watched this season knows that it did not work out for Jessica. She thought she met her match in Jimmy Presnell, but he chose Chelsea Blackwell instead. Jessica took it hard, and it was difficult to watch her break down in tears. Apparently it was especially difficult for her 10-year-old daughter Autumn. Jessica admitted in the Love Is Blind Reunion episode that her daughter had never seen her cry before because she always tries to “schedule” her breakdowns away from her daughter.

During the reunion episode, Jessica was asked what her daughter Autumn thought of her appearance on the show and whether or not she let her watch all of the episodes. She explained that her daughter was “over the moon excited” to see her mom on the reality show, but she hasn’t seen the whole season. Still, Autumn has “met mostly all of the female cast,” and has developed a close relationship with them. Even “Aunt Chelsea,” who famously got engaged to the man Jessica fell for.

Still, there was one thing Autumn saw that really effected Jessica. “Autumn had actually really never seen me cry before,” the 29-year-old single mom explained, adding that her whole “thing” with her daughter was to try to be “strong” in front of her.

“Moms get it,” she continued. “Your breakdowns have to be scheduled. You can’t just have a moment in the middle of the day.” Certainly moms understand this all too well. There is a massive difference between a few emotional tears during a movie and a full breakdown in front of your kids, which some of us might actually schedule for times when the kids aren’t around, as Jessica said.

Ultimately, she found that it was a good thing for her daughter to see because it “made her see me be a little bit more human,” and eventually help Autumn learn that “crying and showing your emotions doesn’t make you weak.”

Being a single mom on a reality dating series has been a challenge for Jessica. She truly divided the internet when she decided not to immediately disclose the fact that she had a 10-year-old daughter in the pods, and openly struggled with being away from her daughter while she was on the show. Fortunately, it sounds like her daughter is absolutely in her corner, and now understands that it is, indeed, okay to cry: Even when your tears are unscheduled.