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the women from 'Love Is Blind' season 6.

A Recap Of All The Love Is Blind Tea, Because You Have Kids & A Job

Read up before the reunion.

Back in ye olden days before social media was a thing, reality TV fans had to tune in to new episodes of their favorite show religiously, and wait with bated breath for the reunions to know anything about where the contestants ended up. But not anymore. No, even through iron-clad NDAs, some contestants just can’t help but drop hints about what they’re up to, and when it comes to Love Is Blind, all the ex partners of the cast seem to have something to say too.

Note: Lots and lots of spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 6 are ahead!

The trailer for the Season 6 reunion just dropped and it has us living for Wednesday, March 13. We get glimpses of Sarah Ann and Laura hashing it out over who’s the real “pick-me girl,” a loaded silence when Trevor enters the room, and a few peeks at Chelsea’s signature uncomfy face. So, if you’ve been too busy to keep up with all the TikToks and Instagram posts, here’s all the cast mates’ drama happening offscreen (or rather, on our tiny handheld screens) that you need to know before the reunion airs.

Jimmy and Chelsea might be dating?

Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell ended their relationship before their wedding day after having their fair share of arguments. But one sticking point between the couple seemed to be that Jimmy’s two closest friends are women, and he admitted to Chelsea that he had been intimate with one of them before (the internet seems to have concluded it was Barbara). So, when he would text his girl friends daily and hang out without her, she didn’t love it.

But despite all of that, it seems like Chelsea and Jimmy are spending time together. As Us Weekly reported, Chelsea shared that she was traveling to Florida for a friend’s wedding, and later posted a photo of the view from a beachside restaurant there. Well, so did Jimmy. The pair posted the photos to their Instagram Stories and tagged their locations at the same restaurant, basically exposing the fact that they were traveling together, and that they’re close enough for Jimmy to be Chelsea’s plus one.

As for his connection with cast mate Jess, Jimmy has expressed in an interview with Extra TV that he feels she got a positive edit, and that she treated him more harshly than viewers realize. So, we’ll likely see them hash that out at the reunion.

Jess confirmed she’s single, despite rumors to the contrary.

The world fell in love with Jess after her mic drop moment when Jimmy broke it off with her. So, the question on everyone’s mind has been, who’s our self-confident queen seeing now? Photos emerged of her on a tropical beach vacay with Too Hot To Handle alum Harry Jowsey, snapped a few months after she wrapped filming Love Is Blind. The pair definitely look to be romantically involved in the pics, but the tryst seems to have ended there.

In an appearance on The Viall Files podcast at the end of February, Jess seemed to suggest that she was dating one of her cast mates, though she would only say that she’s “trying to sort things out.” “You could probably use context clues if you look at the cast, but I'm not saying any names,” she said.

But in her most recent statement on the subject, the single mom posted this TikTok confirming she is not, in fact, in a relationship.

In her podcast interview, Jess did say “the world will be sick of” her when she’s dating someone because she’ll be “so public and proud of it.” So, if you have to ask if she’s dating anyone, the answer is probably no.

Just everything going on with Jeramy.

Alright, this one’s going to take a minute so get comfy. Jeramy proposed to Laura in the pods, and the two broke it off before getting to the altar when he stayed out until 5 a.m. with his other love interest from the pods, Sarah Ann. (Sarah Ann DMed Jeramy to express her continued interest in him after leaving the pods, even though she knew he was engaged.) At a lakefront party for the cast, Jeramy and Sarah Ann rode off into the sunset on jet skis and Laura hilariously tells him to “go kick rocks with open-toed f*cking shoes.” But it’s Sarah Ann who has drawn serious ire on social media...because she can’t seem to stop trying to be right.

In one TikTok, she talks vaguely about how the point of reality TV is that viewers are entertained, and she entertained us, yada yada. The real point of the video is that it seems to be filmed inside Jeramy’s apartment. In a more recent video, she thanks her supporters and acknowledges the hate she’s getting for her actions on the show — and then doubles down on them. “If you truly believe in something with your whole heart, you should always stand up for what you believe in, and you should never let anybody tell you you’re wrong, you shouldn’t, you can’t, enough to make you give up,” she said.

The comments on this video make it clear that fans of the show are not on her side. “I want to have this much imaginary support,” said one, while another added, “I googled delulu and it brought me to this TikTok. Accurate.”

His involvement with Sarah Ann is not the only thing that is turning the internet against Jeramy. On Feb. 22, an Instagram account called The Shade Room shared screenshots of a Facebook thread showing a photo of Jeramy with a woman and child. The woman in the photo is Brittany McLiverty, Jeramy’s ex-fiance, and she went on to comment some interesting info on Laura’s Instagram posts. For example, “Did he ever tell you about his ex fiancé from right before you? Surely not… or the house WE sold a week or two before he filmed for this show?” In an interview with Business Insider, she claimed she also caught him cheating because he was sharing his location, just like Laura did.

Jeramy has publicly refuted this narrative, saying he was living on his own when he was cast for the show and that he was open with everyone he dated about his ended engagement — it just didn’t make the final cuts for the show.

On March 6, another woman who claimed to be one of Jeramy’s exes (whose name is unclear from her TikTok account) posted about how her social media was “blowing up” because her “disaster of an ex” was on Love Is Blind. She has posted a two-part story about one fight she had with him, accusing him of punching a hole in a wall. He hasn’t responded to her claims yet, but uh...this guy appears to be in a heap of trouble.

Trevor had a girlfriend during filming, and she claimed he threatened to “ruin her life.”

Trevor Sova had us all simping over his happy-go-lucky attitude and beefy arms, but turns out he may not be the stand-up guy we thought. Since Season 6 aired, Trevor’s ex-girlfriend, Natalia Marrero, has come forward alleging that he agreed to film the show while they were in a relationship. Then she says that, two weeks prior to the show’s debut in 2024, he broke up with her. He also allegedly threatened to “ruin her life” by sending intimate videos of her to her family — specifically her son — if she spoke about their relationship publicly.

In an interview with Business Insider, Marrero said that Trevor told her being on the show would be financially beneficial for them, so she chose to support his decision. After seeing his positive edit on the show but knowing how he treated her behind the scenes, she decided to come forward. Trevor hasn’t responded to the allegations, but has been actively posting to his social media, specifically about adopting a new puppy and doing...whatever this is.

As for some of the other couples, including Brittany (formerly of Brittany and Kenneth), it seems they’re just trying to keep up with all the drama like the rest of us. Needless to say, this reunion episode is going to be one for the books — and we all know Vanessa Lachey isn’t afraid to ask tough questions.