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A Buffet-Style Pot Luck & More Of Meghan Markle's Christmas Hosting Tips

Can you ever have too much garland? No, no you cannot.

This Christmas is bound to be a special one for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. It’s their first Christmas with their daughter Lilibet “Lili” Diana, for one thing, and their 2-year-old son Archie is now at an age where he might be getting excited about the holidays. And then there are the hosting options. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly spending the holidays at their home in Montecito, California, which would give Meghan ample opportunity to host friends and family throughout the season. And her Christmas hosting tips from life before becoming a royal translate incredibly well to her new life as a mom of two. It seems the Duchess of Sussex has always loved to host parties for friends, and she’s all about keeping it relaxed.

Do A Buffet-Style Pot Luck

Meghan may have spent Christmas with Queen Elizabeth herself, but it seems she was a fan of the pot luck in her former life. In an interview with Grazia Daily back in 2015, she explained that she loved to have friends over for a fun buffet-style pot luck, “Holidays with your friends allows you to break the family traditions and avoid Aunt Julie's fruit cake! Have each of your friends bring a dish or cook together in the kitchen. If you do not have a proper set-up, use your dining room table or kitchen counter as a buffet.”

Garland, Garland Everywhere

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Meghan’s Montecito home should be getting an extra dose of greenery these days, and not just on the stairwell or with the addition of a Christmas tree. The mom of two shared a tip for giving homes that extra bit of festive cheer in 2015, when she was curating her lifestyle blog The Tig, “Traditionally garland or magnolia branches are used to adorn a stairwell banister or mantle. Take this concept and trim the outline of a mirror or beautiful piece of artwork that is centrally located in your entry hallway or living room.”

A Simple Table-Scape

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The former Suits actress noted that she liked to keep her table scape simple by going with an all white theme. “When creating a table-scape, keep it simple and crisp with an all white tablecloth, runner and napkins,” she told Grazia Daily. “Accent with gilded plates and napkin rings and use a stylish set of cutlery. All white flowers placed in the low vases are the perfect centerpiece.”

Will she still love the look of all white with two kids in the house is the real question.

Put Your Flea Market Finds On Display

It might surprise Meghan Markle fans to learn that she encouraged her readers to look through Etsy and flea markets for silver serving trays, nut bowls, and platters to make her party feel extra special. Who doesn’t love a bargain-hunting royal?

Toast With A Signature Holiday Cocktail

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Meghan’s favorite festive cocktail is a concoction of her own making, a drink she called an “Almond Milk Spiced Holiday Cocktail” made with bourbon. Basically, the eight-ingredient recipe is like a vegan egg nog with all the delicious flavors of that Christmas classic but without the heaviness.

Meghan Markle’s Christmas hosting tips are exactly what every mom needs. Keep it simple, keep it warm, and keep it fun.