A photo of Meghan Trainor with her son, Riley beside another photo of Riley and Trainor's second son...

Meghan Trainor Shared A Video Of Her Sons Meeting & It's Too Cute

(He really wanted to hold him.)

Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara welcomed their baby boy, Barry Bruce Trainor, a few days ago. They shared little baby Barry’s arrival on Instagram, and of course everyone was very excited for them. The next big step was meeting Barry’s big brother, 2-year-old Riley, and I am here to tell you, a video from the moment Riley met Barry will get you pretty emotional. Because Riley is clearly ready to call baby Barry his best friend; he loves him so much.

Trainor took to Instagram to let her fans know that she and Sabara had welcomed Barry on July 1, seven years to the day after the couple’s first date. “He was a big boy at 8lbs 7oz...and sideways (transverse), but we had an amazing, successful c-section, and I finally got my skin to skin time! Thank you to all of the incredible doctors and nurses who took such great care of us,” she wrote on Instagram.

A few hours later, Trainor posted a sweet video of her son Riley meeting his baby brother for the first time on TikTok. And he truly could not have been more excited if he tried—we can’t get over how he can’t seem to stop himself from lovingly petting his new sibling’s face.

The video sees Riley meeting a sleepy Barry in his little chair and immediately calling out, “Look! Wake up! Good morning!” Trainor can be heard in the background saying, “Look Riley, it’s your baby! Good job!” He caresses Barry’s face with a look of absolute reverence, asking to hold him. The proud parents set him up on the couch beside his baby brother and he gently touched his head before Barry was moved back to his seat. Riley never left his side and his eyes rarely moved away from the baby, which bodes well for Trainor and Sabara as it’s always way easier if your toddler is excited about the baby rather than jealous.

Trainor’s dream is to have four children, so this could be Riley’s first brush with his Big Brother role if her dream does come true. And being a super close sibling is something Trainor has modeled for her sons as both of her brothers live in her house with her. “My brothers Ryan and Justin live in my house,” she told Romper in 2022. “I’m like, ‘Do not leave! It’s a scary world. You’re staying here.’”

This household is all about those siblings, and Riley is right to be excited to get his very own.