Melanie Lynskey got a tattoo of her daughter's drawing.
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Melanie Lynskey Got A Tattoo Of Her 5-Year-Old Daughter's Doodle & It's Such A Cute Idea

“It reminds me even in the most challenging moments that there is true joy in my life and fills me with deep gratitude.”

Melanie Lynskey has a new tattoo that reminds her of the “true joy” in her life every time she looks at it. The tattoo was based on a drawing her 5-year-old daughter did of a cat, and honestly it is just about the best idea for moms who want a meaningful tattoo we’ve heard of in forever.

The Yellowjackets star took to Instagram on Monday to share a message to ring in 2024 alongside a photo of her new tattoo and the artwork it was inspired by — a very cute little drawing of a cat’s face, whiskers, and a happy cat smile and all, drawn by her 5-year-old daughter.

“I’m so happy to be bringing this adorable tattoo into 2024 with me,” Lynskey wrote in the caption, explaining that she had the tattoo done for her while she was in New Zealand. “It’s a meticulous recreation of a drawing my 5 year old daughter did, and it reminds me even in the most challenging moments that there is true joy in my life and fills me with deep gratitude. I wish so much joy for all of you this year! And my big wish is that the world remembers about empathy.”

The memorable tattoo Lynskey, who shares her daughter with husband Jason Ritter, shared on Instagram had other people sharing the way they used their tattoos to honor the kids in their lives. “I have my nieces handwriting on me from a note she wrote when she was 5, makes me happy every time I see it!!” wrote one of Lynskey’s followers. “I did the same thing with my little girls drawing on my leg! Stick people,stick flowers and a stick sun! I’ll love it forever,” wrote another.

Lynskey’s daughter is clearly a big fan of cats, so the tattoo will probably mean a lot to her as well. The Last of Us star recently shared a cake that her sister made for her daughter that read “Merry Catmas” that was free of allergens and baked, of course, in the shape of a cat’s head. Complete with whiskers and a little cat smile just like her daughter’s drawing and now, her tattoo.

It’s almost as though her daughter’s love of felines has inspired a cat-themed cottage industry of allergen-free cakes and tattoos, and we love to see it.