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'Peppa Pig' has all new holiday episodes.
Nick Jr.

More Than 12 New Peppa Pig Episodes Are Airing This December

Grandpa Pig gets a gift from Father Christmas.

December is going to be a month full of pink, because Nick Jr. is launching a dozen new episodes of everyone’s favorite sassy porcine, Peppa Pig. Including some holiday episodes. So now you know when you’ll be able to get all that gift-wrapping, cookie baking, or even just staring off into space to collect your thoughts done during the holiday season.

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in December from Dec. 5 to Dec. 23 at 7 p.m. ET/PT, Nick Jr. will premiere a new episode of Peppa Pig. The very first episode, called “Grandpa Pig’s Christmas Present,” starts the month off with a big holiday bang. “Father Christmas delivers a wonderful present for Grandpa Pig, it’s a toy flying machine,” according to a description shared with Romper. “He flies it around the garden with Peppa and George having lots of fun. But when the battery runs low the flying machine is automatically set to return home, unfortunately the setting is Father Christmas’ home. Grandpa wonders if he will ever see his flying machine again.”

You just know Peppa is going to be exasperated at someone at some point in this episode. As is her habit.

Other new Peppa Pig episodes that will launch on Nick Jr. in December will be “Parachute Games” on Dec. 5, Mr. Potato Head leading fun workouts in “Kiddie Workout” on Dec. 7, and “Hippies” on Dec. 14, a flashback episode to when Grandma and Grandpa Pig were hippies.

These two seem to be getting a lot of play in the new episodes, to be honest. Here’s the full list of episodes so you can mark your calendars:

  • “Grandpa’s Christmas Present” (Dec. 5)
  • “Parachute Games” (Dec. 5)
  • “Flying Discs” (Dec. 6)
  • “Kiddie Workout” (Dec. 7)
  • “Monkey Trees” (Dec. 8)
  • “Families” (Dec. 12)
  • “Charity Shop” (Dec. 13)
  • “Hippies” (Dec. 14)
  • “Little Cars” (Dec. 15)
  • “The Owl” (Dec. 19)
  • “The Apple Tree” (Dec. 20)
  • “The Big Bug Hotel” (Dec. 21)
  • “Grandpa Pig’s Greenhouse” (Dec. 23)

Peppa Pig’s holiday episodes have long been hits with little ones. Last year the entire Pig family went to Australia for the holidays, and there have been entire episodes dedicated to seeing how Peppa likes to celebrate Christmas through the years. There’s even an hour long episode dedicated to Christmas baking available on YouTube, and of course Peppa and the rest of the family hassle Daddy Pig as ever.

What would the holidays be without a little side of sass from Peppa Pig?