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Kim Kardashian and her daughter North on The Kardashians on Hulu.

Kim Kardashian’s Daughter North Bit Into A Whole Unpeeled, Raw Onion Like It Was NBD

“Can you eat it like that? ... You’re just going to eat an onion like an apple?”

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Kim Kardashian was trying to bond with oldest daughter North during the most recent episode of The Kardashians by cooking together. The 10-year-old was feeling pretty confident about her cooking skills, cutting up a zucchini (with a bit more success than aunt Kendall Jenner, no offense) and even rolling her own sushi. Her skills came as a bit of a shock, but not as much of a shock as watching her bite into an onion like it was an apple. It turns out North West has a palette similar to the Grinch, giving us yet another reason to stan this quirky queen.

The Skims mogul spoke to her sister Kourtney at the beginning of Thursday’s episode of The Kardashians about trying to find a way to connect with North. It seems her daughter was upset with her for going on a solo trip with her younger brother Saint, and Kourtney suggested doing something on her own with North to balance things out. Hence the decision to try cooking together even though North had her doubts. When asked by a producer if her mom could cook, North said, “Heck no,” while getting her spices together. But Kim, to her credit, did her best to help out. She didn’t even get upset when North came over to lean against her while eating an unpeeled sweet onion like it was an apple.

“Can you eat it like that?” the mom of four asked her daughter, who said she could and then asked if her mom wanted some. “No, thanks. You’re just going to eat an onion like an apple?”

Indeed she did.

If eating an onion as a hand fruit looks familiar, it’s because you’ve seen it before. When Jim Carrey ate a raw onion as the Grinch in the 2000 live-action movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas, a scene that was presumably meant to offer evidence that the Grinch was living on the fringes of society. So take from that what you will, I guess.

Certainly social media users had a lot of feelings when they saw North eating an onion like an apple.

Kim let the onion eating slide, even when North gave her pungent kisses. “Oh, my gosh, this onion breath is going to make me cry!” she told her, laughing and adding, “It’s so strong. Oh, my gosh, my eyes are literally tearing. How do you not tear?” At which point North blew her onion breath straight in her mom’s face. The Grinch would be proud.

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