In a new Instagram post, Olivia Munn revealed that she and John Mulaney took their infant son Malcol...
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Olivia Munn & John Mulaney Took Baby Malcolm To His Very First Restaurant

As most of us would be, 4-month-old Malcolm was mesmerized by a steamy bowl of noodles.

Noodles on the walls. In your hair. In the waiter’s hair. Noodles everywhere! So many things can go wrong when you bring a baby out to a restaurant (or anywhere for that matter). So props to Olivia Munn for taking one of the bravest steps a new mom could take — daring to step out of the cozy cocoon of her house with boyfriend, John Mulaney, and their infant son, Malcolm, to enter an actual restaurant. While eating out isn’t an official milestone for a baby, it definitely is for new parents.

Munn ventured out with her 4-month-old son to grab some delicious Vietnamese food with Mulaney and her mother, Kim. In photos shared on Munn’s Instagram, Malcolm looked absolutely mesmerized by the noodles that mom and dad held up in chopsticks over his sweet head like an edible mobile. “Crazy phở you,” Munn captioned her Instagram post. “Malcolm goes to his first restaurant.”

The new parents, who initially met at Seth Meyers’ wedding in 2013, announced that they were expecting their first child together on Late Night With Seth Meyers in September 2021 and have been sharing cute updates about little Malcom ever since.

In one especially sweet photo from Munn’s recent Instagram post, Mulaney planted a kiss on Malcolm’s cheek. But nothing can quite top the cuteness overload of little Malcolm, in another photo, cradling a bottle of Sriracha in his stroller. (This one might even best Malcolm in those Bernie Sanders mittens.)

Since welcoming Malcolm last year, Munn has been refreshingly very open with her followers on Instagram about how hard it can be to be a first-time mother. She’s opened up about her struggles with breastfeeding, and what it’s like to dabble with all those wild contraptions when you have a low milk supply. She tried the lactation consultants, the gummies, cookies, soups, teas, pumps, and heating pads. Most recently, she provided a great service and sigh of relief to many, reminding struggling mothers that “fed is best.”

In another incredibly relatable Instagram video, Munn strolled a jet-lagged Malcolm in the driveway, sporting glasses, an open flannel shirt (classic breastfeeding uniform), and bare feet, while relying on God’s Gift to all sleep-less mothers everywhere: The Shusher!

In addition to keeping it real, Munn has been an incredibly strong voice and supporter of the Asian American community facing increased acts of violence. The very first thing on Munn’s Instagram bio is “Proud Asian American.” Munn has also used her social media platforms very consciously to amplify Asian American voices, demand justice for crimes committed, and literally help the police nab a perpetrator.

Whether she’s in activist or mom mode, Munn definitely deserves a relaxing meal with her adorable family.