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Olivia Wilde Got The Most Beautiful Tattoos Of Her Kids' Names On Her Arms

And the result is stunning.

Just in case Olivia Wilde’s children ever question the permanence of their mother’s love for them, they need only look at her arms. Their names are right there now, tattooed in delicate script snaking up Wilde’s forearms. And it’s kind of a perfect representation of just how solid a mother’s love for her child truly is in the long run. It’s written right into your skin. Quite literally, in this case.

Wilde recently visited celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo to have the names of her two children, 7-year-old son Otis and 5-year-old daughter Daisy, along her forearms. The Booksmart director co-parents her children with ex-partner Jason Sudeikis, and she clearly wanted to take a moment to honor her love for her kids with a little ink.

On Wednesday, Dr. Woo shared a photo of the gorgeous tattoos on Instagram with the caption, “Momma’s love.” This kind of tattoo is obviously popular with parents who want to showcase their love for their little ones, and I predict Wilde’s design will become a hit with other moms who are looking for something subtle and beautiful and delicate.

Olivia Wilde got tattoos of her kids’ names.

The actress has always been open about her love for her kids, so much so that she admitted in an InStyle interview with Beanie Feldstein that she only gets “about five hours” of sleep at night simply because she is focused on her kids. “For me as a mom, time becomes essential, because there's so little of it when you are focused on keeping people alive,” she said. “Then the time that's left for you becomes very potent, and you can achieve great things with it.”

Not that she minds, of course. “The gift of motherhood is the selflessness that it introduces you to, and I think that’s really freeing,” she said in 2014 at the International Women’s Media Foundation, per People. “The amazing thing about becoming a parent is that you will never again be your own first priority.”

Not only is Olivia Wilde comfortable with her kids being her first priority, she’s displaying her love for them on her arms for all the world to see. Fortunately their names are very cute so it’s a really good look for her.