Marcie in "Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marcie," premiering August 18, 2023 on Apple TV+.
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See Why Marcie Runs Away Screaming Before Her Very First Peanuts Special Premieres

Marcie is thrown into a new role she never applied for in Snoopy Presents: One-Of-A-Kind Marcie.

Marcie is really getting her time to shine with the Peanuts gang in Snoopy Presents: One-Of-A-Kind Marcie coming to Apple TV+. Whether she wants it or not, in fact. In an exclusive sneak peek at the new special, the shy, quiet young bespectacled student finds out she’s been elected Class President, a new role she never really wanted. Just as she is being congratulated by her best friend Peppermint Patty, or “Sir” as she is more often called by Marcie, the work begins to pile up on her.

“You have an appointment in an hour,” one student tells her in Romper’s exclusive clip, while another gives her papers to sign and someone offers a juice box to “Madame President” that ends up getting squirted in her face. Just before someone takes her photo because I guess even in a school setting, the paparazzi always know how to catch a politician at their worst moment.

Marcie finds out that she was elected because of all the hard work she had been doing on her own around the school, and has a real existential crisis as a natural introvert when she realizes that being Madame President means “meeting new people, leading the parades,” and giving speeches. Something Peppermint Patty is all about but Marcie, not so much. In fact, she runs away screaming, which does not bode well for her presidency.

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Marcie has managed to avoid the spotlight as Peppermint Patty’s sidekick throughout all of Charles M. Schulz’s comics and more than 50 television specials, recognizable mostly for her big glasses and dark hair and serious nature. But it appears as though she has been being quietly helpful all this time, even though it has gone against her introverted nature. Like when she offered to give Peppermint Patty some advice at a golf tournament, for instance, or tried to get pizza back into the school cafeteria. “People like you work quietly in the background to make sure that everything runs smoothly,” Peppermint Patty reminds Marcie in a trailer for the Peanuts special.

Now she’s earned herself an accidental presidency, and there doesn’t seem to be too much she can do about it. But I suspect Marcie will learn to accept her new role with grace before the end of Snoopy Presents: One Of A Kind Marcie, which premieres on Aug. 18 on AppleTV+. A special that honors introverts who never seek out the spotlight, but earn it all the same.